Custom Built Weatherproof Surveillance Solutions

Optiview specializes in custom outdoor surveillance solutions for construction sites throughout the United States. Depending on the site, our weatherproof surveillance solutions can be hard-wired or solar powered, mobile or fixed.

Weatherproof Surveillance mounted
Weatherproof Surveillance Cart
Weatherproof Surveillance Trailer
Step 1:

Choose your platform – either a fixed ArmorLogix enclosure, or a mobile push cart or trailer.

Step 2:

Choose your power – land based (hard wired), solar, or generator backed solar (trailer only).

Step 3:

Specify your surveillance needs – network cameras or digital over analog, record to SD cards or to a DVR or NVR.

Step 4:

Finally, decide how you are going to communicate with your system for remote access from anywhere.

Step 5:

Call (904) 805-1581 or email!

Pole Mounted Weatherproof Recording Solutions

Self Contained Full Weatherproof Surveillance System

At Optiview we’ve developed an enclosed weatherproof DVR or NVR system for use in locations where a traditional security system set-up is unavailable. Our weatherproof surveillance camera system contains a 4, 8 or 16 channel 4K HD DVR or 8 channel NVR within a NEMA3 rated enclosure. The aluminum enclosure has a specialized lock for security and stays at an ideal temperature with the inclusion of insulation, a thermostat, and fan. A 10″ LCD monitor is mounted inside for on-site viewing although video can be viewed live or in playback mode via our free VMS software on a PC or via our free mobile app.

The 5-Way DVR included in these systems can record video from 5 different surveillance technologies: Analog, IP, CVI, AHD or TVI. Video can be recorded at up to 4K in both coax based and IP based cameras with plenty of storage with 2 hard drive spaces available, each holding up to 10TB each.

Remote Weatherproof Surveillance Solutions

For locations with smaller needs, we’ve developed custom built outdoor IP surveillance systems that contain a weatherproof enclosure, IP cameras with SD cards, and a telcom device.

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Optiview has designed several compact surveillance solutions using a 12 x 12 x 11″ NEMA 3 weatherproof aluminum enclosure and outdoor rated weatherproof IP cameras with edge recording, recording right to the camera and Micro SD cards. These systems can be powered off of low voltage, 110V, or solar power. Enable remote access with LAN, WAN, or Cellular and access anytime with the Optiview VMS or Mobile App.

Add or expand your surveillance system with an outdoor weatherproof DVR or NVR. Available for HD-over-Coax or IP cameras, Optiview’s weatherproof recorders can be pole or wall mounted, have an automatic thermostat/fan for temperature control, and can be accessed anytime via LAN, WAN, or Cellular. Add to the Optiview VMS or Mobile App for remote monitoring.


Your Weatherproof Surveillance Systems

Low Voltage

Able to be powered by low voltage, negating the need for trenching 110V or pulling permits.

Solar Panel & Battery

Able to be powered by a solar panel + battery build. Power Needs differ based on installation

110V | Temporary or Permanent

Able to be powered with 110V. Can be set up with temporary or permanent power.


Access your weatherproof recording solution any time by adding either a WiFi bridge or Cellular device to the system, or by hard wiring it with an Ethernet connection.

1,050 Watt Solar Powered Mobile Surveillance Trailer from Optiview

Push or Park Surveillance Solutions

Optiview has released custom surveillance solutions in a partnership with ArmorLogix. These solutions include solar powered trailers and pushcarts that can be custom finished for your surveillance needs.

Mobile Trailer Units

The all new AL3500-GS is a modular solar-powered mobile surveillance trailer with infinite possibilities. The trailer can be set up by just one person, putting lighting, motion detectors, infrared cameras, and HD cameras at your fingertips in minutes. The AL3500-GS combines speed and flexibility to give you security the way that YOU need it.

Using the solar panels, the unit can operate 24/7, and for emergencies, the trailer comes equipped with a backup generator that can offer 200 hours of operation on a single tank of fuel. The AL3500-GS Trailer’s 30’ retractable mast puts eyes in the sky, and optional 4G connection means that you can monitor your work site or event space from any web enabled device.

Mobile Push Carts

Optiview also carries a smaller form factor push chart version which operates 2 x 50W solar panels, has an 18ft mast and can also be customized for lighting or surveillance.



  • School Events
  • Farmers Markets
  • Church Events
  • Music Festivals
  • Emergency Response
  • Carnivals
  • Construction Sites
  • College Sport Events
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Remote Site Surveillance
  • Commercial or Retail Parking
  • Scrap & Recycling Yards