Fixed Weatherproof Solutions

Optiview’s fixed weatherproof surveillance systems have been manufactured for over 15 years offering outdoor weatherproof surveillance systems to remote sites, gate entrances, construction sites, marinas, waterway security, freight ports, parking garages and parking lots. These enclosure based systems can be mounted to a wall in a flush mount configuration using the included flush mount bracket or can be mounted to a pole using the Armorlogix universal mounting bracket giving the user many options for deployment for their application. Our weatherproof DVR, NVR, and Edge Recording Solutions are built using the Armorlogix 5052 marine grade aluminum enclosures that keep the equipment protected from unwanted access and cool enough to operate long term in demanding outdoor environments, rain or shine.

Optiview’s fixed weatherproof surveillance solutions are available in single camera configuration that records to its own internal MicroSD card and built all the way up to full outdoor recording solutions that can handle up to 64 cameras for parking garages and large site surveillance. All of weatherproof surveillance products are built to be self contained and include what’s needed to record and power the cameras selected in the build process.

Deciding Which Model is Right for You

All Optiview weatherproof recording solutions can be used stand alone to record video and audio internally to robust surveillance rated hard drives to store video data from a few days or can be built out to hold over 30 days or recording. Recording modes include full time record, motion detect record, event record, and some models can use internal video analytics to determine recording modes and notifications. Each of these weatherproof recording solutions can be connected via wireless access point, WIFI, or cellular to view live video and offer access to retrieve recorded video using optional add on equipment like our 5 gig wireless bridge Part AP5V3 or our dual sim cellular modem Part# that offers live streaming access where cellular networks are available.

Stand Alone or Integrated

Although these units can be used standalone we find many customers have the weatherproof as an extension of their Optiview building mount system. This means you can have an indoor DVR in your facility with wired CCTV surveillance cameras and have a weatherproof DVR at a remote gate, on a light pole in your parking lot, or at a remote perimeter. The Optiview VMS (video management software) allows you to connect to your indoor system and your outdoor weatherproof DVR/NVR/Edge Networking, solutions to view them all simultaneously up to 64 cameras per screen or can spread up to 256 camera views over 4 screens to quickly and easily manage your sites.