An All-In-One Secuirty Kit from Optiview USA

A Security System kit for any size project or business

Featuring high end surveillance and access control equipment from Optiview, an Advanced Optiview Live Monitoring VMS, and ARMORLOGIX Premium Weatherproof Enclosure, this All-In-One Security Solution will be your eyes and guardsman when you aren't looking. Perfect for any size business or project, this System Solution is put together based on your business needs into a custom job design by one of our Optiview agents.

What's Included

Optiview's Security Cameras are made of professional grade material and each camera is carefully placed into a durable housing unit. Our vast inventory includes HD Cameras, Coax and IP Network Cameras, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras, Specialty Cameras (People Counters, Fisheye, and more) all of which work with our Advanced Video Monitoring System in the Optiview Mobile App.
Optiview's line of Access Control will keep your doors and gateways locked while you're not around. Our Access Control products can also be networked together and managed by our Advanced VMS. Efficiently manage your security from virtually any location, and connect and integrate with other technology through a single platform.
Optiview's Advanced Video Monitoring System was created with you in mind. Featuring 24/7 Live Monitoring, your view can be accessed anywhere and anytime as long as you have a good WiFi connection. The 64-channel preview screens can be opened in up to 4 windows for live viewing up to 256 channels at the same time!
ARMORLOGIX Weatherproof Enclosures are created with high grade metal providing a weatherproof exterior to keep surveillance and access control equipment, DVR or NVR recorders, fiber, cables, and more of your security gear safe from environmental changes, situational hazards, and theft. Protect your gear from temperature and theft properly with our line of weatherproof enclosures.


Construction Sites

One of the biggest complaints we hear from General Contractors and construction business owners is job-site fraud. By installing a mobile surveillance trailer, cart, or weatherproof recording system, owners and GC’s can remotely log into live video, or retrieve video playback to ensure that employees or contractors are/were working during stated hours.


In many cases there will be areas around the marina such as boat docks, near dumpsters, or entrance and exit points where an additional set of cameras or lighting would be ideal, but it would be difficult and not cost efficient to run additional power and cable to. It is situations such as these high traffic areas in which a solar powered surveillance and lighting solution would be ideal.

Protecting Your Business from Lawsuits

According to OSHA, falls from rooftops account for 1/3rd of all fatal construction injuries going back as far as 2003. Fall Protection ( 29 CFR 1926.501 ) is one of the number one citations in safety inspections. Having a tangible record from rooftop cameras recording high definition video of all activities on your site are the perfect tool to defend against unlawful liability claims.