Everything You Need for Retail Surveillance

As the world moves toward a smarter future with more technological advancements, thieves become more creative to try and outsmart security systems. With the proper camera systems in place, you can rest assured that your retail space is covered and safe from theft. The state-of-the-art technology and design from Optiview make security operations more comfortable than ever without extreme expenses.

Cameras for Every Occasion

The ball-and-socket design for the Armor Ball camera is what makes it such a fantastic candidate for retail use. The simplistic look houses incredible features like a wide angle 2.8mm lens, wide dynamic range for light compensation, audio, and high powered infrared sensors.

The armor dome, a larger, enclosed version of the armor ball, offers the capability to adjust the lens size, which ranges between 2.7mm to 13.5mm. The larger-sized models are equipped with more features than the smaller versions.

The Bullet cameras are tube-shaped and vary in size, and like the Armor Dome, a single fixed lens leads to a smaller footprint, while a varifocal lens is stored in a larger housing. With capabilities indoors and outdoors, the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom(PTZ) cameras allow the user to have more control. They can be programmed to follow a preferred path, or be operated manually to view any angle.

Specialty Cameras

•   180˚ Panoramic Cameras – The features on our panoramic bullet cameras allow our clients to get a full 180˚ view through 3 lenses forming one single image. They will work best on building exteriors to monitor parking lot activity, and ensure that patrons shopping are safe within that area.

•   360˚ Panoramic Cameras – The features on our fisheye panoramic cameras allow our clients to get a full 360˚ view through a single lens that can then be dewarped in real time or in video playback. These work best on building ceilings to monitor foot traffic, retail areas, and can provide additional analytic support.

•    License Plate Cameras – Capturing license plates of vehicles as they leave the parking lot is a great backup plan if the thief is trying to getaway. Once you’ve recorded their plate on the camera, it will allow the authorities to deduce who’s trying to steal from the retail store.

•    Thermal Cameras – For the optimal perimeter protection, thermal cameras will cut through any smoke, darkness, or barriers to see any activity ensuing.

•    People Counting Cameras – This camera was made with a large retail or shopping facilities for people counting when they enter and exit. This technology will make it easier for retailers to see what times being in peak foot traffic.


Along with all of these applications for on-site retail surveillance, we also offer a free mobile app for remote monitoring. We also provide a software program to go along with it that’s accessible from wherever and easily integrates with the hardware we provide. Contact us today at (904) 302-6314 to make sure you have everything set up correctly and for the best coverage throughout the space.