There are several reasons your Optiview recorder can display an error message regarding your hard drive (HDD).

System Cannot Detect Hard Disk

Reasons your DVR or NVR cannot detect your hard drive:

  • Hard Drive is broken
  • Hard Drive ribbon is damaged
  • Main board SATA port is broken
  • Installed Hard Drive is not compatible with the Optiview DVR / NVR
  • Insufficient Power (i.e. bad power supply or bad power source)


  • Reboot DVR / NVR
  • Disconnect the HDD from the device and turn recorder on without the HDD connected. If there are no error messages displayed while on without a HDD, then the HDD is most likely the problem and will need to be replaced.
  • If you cannot format the HDD from your device, format the HDD from a PC.
  • Check the Hard Drive compatibility. Optiview uses Western Digital Purple hard drives for maximum quality.
  • Check cables and connections between the hard drive and the machine to ensure everything is secure.
  • If the SATA port is broken, try another SATA port (this only applies to machines that can hold more than 1 hard drive).
  • Reset the device to factory settings (contact an Optiview Technical Support team member for more information).
  • Make sure you have the correct power supply for the DVR / NVR.
  • Replace the hard drive.
  • Open the DVR / NVR and check the jumper settings.