Optiview carries both basic, and specialized security and surveillance equipment to provide custom solutions, no matter the industry.


Optiview offers specialty surveillance features such as facial recognition, license plate capture and recognition, access control, thermal cameras, analytic servers and more.


Our Account Managers and Technical Support team provide pre-sale and post-sale design and technical support.

Security Solutions from Optiview

Here at Optiview, we pride ourselves on offering complete solutions for your surveillance needs. Our experienced Account Managers can help you design your job from start to finish ensuring that you will have everything you need for the project, no matter how large or small.

Boat Dock and Marina Security and Surveillance

Boat Docks & Marinas

Optiview provides full surveillance solutions for installation of a security system at Marinas or Boat storage facilities. These full scale solutions include high quality, aluminum, weatherproof HD cameras, high definition recording at real time (up to 4K recording), stand-alone recording solutions, above-ground and below-ground infrastructure support, specialty cameras such as panoramic and license plate recognition (LPR), analytics and free remote viewing platforms for desktop computers and mobile devices.
Cemetery Security and Surveillance Systems


Cemeteries can be very difficult to fully cover with traditional wired surveillance due to the amount of open space, trees, statuary, crypts and mausoleums. Many cemeteries try to cover as much as possible by adding more cameras, but that can be disturbing for visitors who want a space to be vulnerable with their feelings.

Commercial Grade Equipment

Keeping a watchful eye on your business is a high priority for business and franchise owners. The surveillance needs for a commercial property are highly varied, depending on the specific industry, but the need for professional grade equipment, remote viewing options, and ever evolving analytic technology remains the same throughout.


Provide job site accountability, prevent job site theft, protect yourself from liability, and provide active criminal deterrence with Optiview’s construction site surveillance solutions.

Factories & Mfg Facilities

Optiview’s video solutions increase manufacturing productivity by minimizing the impact of system upsets and production downtime, and improving operator performance. Our network and coax-based surveillance video solutions also provide live viewing of hard-to-reach, hard-to-see, and dangerous areas making it possible to pinpoint process-related anomalies early (such as thermal changes).

Fitness & Health

If you own or manage a gym or fitness center then you likely understand the importance of a proper commercial security system. From keeping your members safe by logging entrance and exit traffic and acting fast in emergency situations, every gym should have a robust security system that includes both 24 hour gym security cameras and access control.
Perimeter Gate Security Surveillance Solutions

Perimeter & Gate Security

The best way to handle a security threat is to identify it before it occurs – a close second is to record the criminal activity for evidence. Optiview has multiple solutions for this, wired, solar powered, visible or thermal, entry and exit control, and more.

Retail Analytics

Merge traditional CCTV with video analytics for facial detection, customer behavior tracking, and people counting. These advanced video analytics allow you, the business owner, to make informed decisions regarding merchandise placement, visitor traffic, and your customer base.

Theme Parks

Combine traditional surveillance cameras, with access control, and solar powered surveillance and lighting solutions with the power of the Optiview VMS for complete park security systems.


Optiview offers specialty surveillance features such as facial recognition, license plate capture and recognition, access control, thermal cameras, analytic servers and more.

Network Based Video Analytics

Discover which network IP cameras and NVRs will support facial detection, heat mapping, thermal analytics, and more.

Solar Powered Surveillance

Take your surveillance system with you anywhere using the new solar powered mobile surveillance solutions from Optiview. These solutions include solar powered trailers and pushcarts that can be custom finished for your surveillance needs.

Coax Video Based Analytics

See which advanced CVI cameras and HD DVRs support intelligent video capabilities or have specialty built-in features.

LPR Solutions

LPR, or License Plate Recognition, surveillance technology is currently a hot topic in the CCTV industry. Not only do you need cameras (hardware) with enough power and features to see the license plate, you need the recorder and/or analytic software to store the license plate information until it is needed.