Rent a Solar Surveillance Trailer in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Solar Surveillance Trailer Rentals

Optiview has been a manufacturer and provider of surveillance solutions for over 20 years, and we are now carrying a line of solar powered surveillance trailer that are available for rent in Jacksonville, and the Northeast Florida areas. These powerful and easy to deploy surveillance solutions are ideal for watching over sites that move, or are temporary.

  • Construction Sites
  • Staging Areas
  • Concerts & Event Loading / Unloading Areas
  • Off-site / Overflow Parking
  • Theme Parks
  • Events & Festivals
  • Sports Events & Arenas
  • Convention Centers
  • Ports & Marinas

What’s Included In Your Rental:

The Optiview solar surveillance trailer is DOT approved and can easily be towed behind a vehicle with the proper tow capacity and hitch. The surveillance trailer boasts a 4 Megapixel IP PTZ that can be controlled remotely, a 180° panoramic bullet camera, and a 5 Megapixel weatherproof armor ball with motorized zoom. All  cameras record to a powerful NVR with built in analytics such as tripwire, intrusion, missing or abandoned, heat mapping*, people counting*, and dewarp. Video can be accessed remotely via a cellular modem with dual SIM slots. 1 slot is used by Optiview for tracking, while the other is for a SIM card provided by the customer.


* Only when paired with cameras that also support heat map and people counting.

Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer Rentals

How to Rent your Mobile Surveillance Trailer:


Renting one of the Optiview solar powered surveillance trailers is easy. Call us today at (904) 805-1581 or fill out the form on the right to find out more details about how to rent these mobile, easy to deploy surveillance solutions.



  • Heavy Duty Solar Trailer with 3 x 300W solar panels, 6 x 200Ah battery bank, and back-up Generator
  • 30ft motorized telescopic mast
  • 3 x day / night outdoor IP Cameras
  • Powerhouse NVR for video storage and built-in analytics
  • High-Speed 4G LTE cellular modem with built-in GPS
  • LAN WiFi connectivity
Solar powered mobile trailer with back-up generator for surveillance or lighting use.
IP PTZ Camera
180 Degree Network Panoramic Bullet Camera
5 Megapixel motorized network armor ball

Video When & Where You Need It with a Mobile Surveillance Trailer


Optiview’s surveillance products are ideal for providing both temporary or permanent video surveillance for a variety of applications.

Surveillance Trailer Rental for Concerts and Events

Public Safety


Optiview’s mobile surveillance carts and trailers are ideal for deployment at outdoor events where large amounts of people gather, whether it’s a planned concert, sporting event, fair or festival, demonstration, or an unplanned event. Anywhere large crowds of people gather, be it for hours or days, safety challenges arise for public safety officials. Optiview’s mobile surveillance trailers can run silently on solar power to avoid event disruptions, and easily provides police and event management live, real-time surveillance and information. Just the visual appearance of the Optiview Mobile Surveillance Trailer provides a deterrent to criminal behavior, immediately providing a safer environment.

Construction Site and Staging Area Video Surveillance

Construction & Remote Staging Sites


Both active construction sites and more remote staging areas have expensive equipment and materials, as well as people, that need watching over to prevent vandalism or theft, and to monitor workers for liability purposes. Remotely watch your people and material 24/7 with wireless connectivity to surveillance cameras. Control the IP PTZ camera with 30x optical zoom live to check on the job, materials, ensure workers are working safely, and go over current job status with the on-site contractors and GM’s. Optiview’s mobile surveillance trailers are ideal for longer deployment times, alternating between solar power and the back-up generator. See clearly at night with powerful infrared capabilities.