Solar Powered Carts

for Security Camera Systems

Compact Solar Powered Mobile Carts

Optiview introduces the newest member to is mobile SmartPlatform line. The ArmorLogix AL450 solar powered carts are compact and easily transported from location to location, and can be fully customized to fit the users specific needs. These portable solutions allow the user to provide various technologies in areas that were not previously accessible due to lack of infrastructure or shore power.

Dependability You Can Count On

Get reliable performance 24/7 with 200W of solar panels powering your devices while simultaneously charging the battery for overnight operation. Each of these solar carts is equipped with two powerful 100W solar panels, a 200Ah battery, control panel, and retractable mast that reaches up to 18ft in the air. Users can purchase the carts as-is, with no modifications, or can add customized packages for solar powered surveillance, communication, or lighting solutions.

Fully Customizable Solutions

Optiview’s experienced team has designed custom solutions for a wide variety of users. The mobile solar carts can be found on construction sites, at manufacturing facilities, educational and religious campuses, in parking lots, business parks, and more.

Solar Powered Security Cameras

Record on the edge and view your solar powered security cameras remotely with Optiview’s edge-capable IP network security cameras. There are two standard camera packages available.

Fixed Network Surveillance Cameras with Edge Recording

The first standard package contains three 4 megapixel fixed network security cameras for 360 degree surveillance. Each camera has 98ft IR, and is an EDGE device, which means that recorded images and videos are stored within the device itself. Powerful H.265 compression allows for longer video storage capabilities and can be programmed to record 24/7 or with motion detect only. The solar powered security cameras are rated for the outdoors with IP67 protection, and are constructed from aluminum to prevent degradation from the sun, heat, rain, and cold. These powerful cameras also come with a built-in mic for audio surveillance.

Fixed + Pan Tilt Zoom Network Surveillance Cameras with Edge Recording

The second standard package contains one 4 megapixel fixed network security camera, and one 2 megapixel IP PTZ camera with 25x optical zoom. Both cameras are capable of edge recording. The PTZ camera supports auto tracking, and allows an active user to manually control the camera from an off-site location with a cellular or wireless bridge package added.

Specialized Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras

The solar surveillance cart can be upgraded to include cameras with full color 24/7, pan / tilt / zoom (PTZ), smart motion detect, perimeter protection, thermal, 180 degree or 360 degree panoramic, license plate capture, and more. Speak with an Account Manager about your needs and we ensure your needs are answered.

Cellular and Wireless Communication

Connect remotely to your solar cart with either a wireless bridge for wifi connectivity from within a networked building or command center that is in line-of-sight, or a 3G/4G/5G/LTE cellular device for connectivity anywhere in the world.


This package offers single or multi-directional LED lighting options which is easily attached to the top of the retractable mast and powered by the solar cart. Portable, solar powered lighting is easily transported to areas that may not have sufficient lighting for outdoor events, parking lots, outdoor fairs or festivals, temporary construction sites, or areas that need overnight maintenance.

Compact Powerful Solutions

In short, these maneuverable solar powered carts with its solar panels, battery, charge controller and easy to deploy 18ft mast provide a unique platform for the user to develop any way they can image. These units are easily shipped anywhere within the continental US and can also be shipped to other areas such as Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Latin America, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

Compare Product Lines

If you are unsure which platform is right for you, click here to download a comparison matrix. Compare the smaller cart platform and larger DOT trailers with, and without back-up generators.


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