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Optiview’s Solar Platforms

Fixed & Mobile Solutions

Optiview carries a full line of power platforms for both fixed and mobile deployment, easily providing any site with 24/7 coverage. When hard-wired power may not be available our power stations give you the ultimate flexibility to power your lighting, surveillance, sensors, and communication needs.

Get Power Anywhere

Easily power your equipment anywhere in the world. Optiview’s platforms power your equipment with solar power in the daytime and continue with our built-in battery backup throughout the night for true, 24/7 coverage. Our distributable power platforms power our equipment, or yours, or collaborate together for a true customizable solution.

Limitless Applications

Optiview’s fixed & mobile platforms are perfect for many applications such as construction sites, parking lots, remote perimeter, theme parks, events and storm affected areas. Customize your solution for surveillance, lighting, telecom, sensors or equipment of your choice. Each platform can be built-out in a variety of ways offering you a complete plug and play option in the field. Talk to us about our express customization & turnkey solutions that are ready to deploy.

Turnkey Solutions

The SM200’s solar modules are perfect for fixed locations that you need power for longer periods of time. Simply fix the solar module enclosure to a wall, pole, or structure and mount the included solar panels up to 25’ in the air to provide power to any equipment.

The smaller form factor pushcart power platforms include a handle and four heavy-duty wheels. These configurations make it simple to transport and deploy with a single person. At a width of 3’ 5.5” undeployed, easily maneuver your solar cart on a sidewalk, parking lot surfaces, hard packed earth or similar surfaces.

A sturdy hitch takes this solar trailer anywhere your vehicle can go. The solar trailer’s driving height is under 10’. With trailer pulling experience, this can be deployed by a single person, allowing you to get your powered trailer up and running rapidly and easily.

Solar Platform Sillhouttes - SM200, AL600, AL1500

Easily connect to any equipment installed on your Optiview power station with cellular connectivity. Coverage is ensured via dual SIM slots for your choice of carrier (not included). Keep track of your investment by using the included optional GPS (free for the first year) from a PC or mobile. The AL4G also includes WiFi connectivity for remotely accessing equipment from nearby using a laptop or cellular device. These are ideal for use with surveillance packages and other monitoring equipment.

Put eyes in the sky with one of our CCTV Surveillance packages, or add your own surveillance cameras. Be proactive about protecting your site by actively deterring intruders before a crime has been committed, simply by having visible camera surveillance on site. Work with an Optiview Account Manager to determine the best surveillance package for your site. Packages can include PTZ cameras, 360° Fisheyes, and 180° Panoramic cameras. Pair with cellular connectivity for 24/7 remote access.

When the sun goes down, safety and security are even more of a concern for construction sites, parking lots, and events. Our solar platforms are perfect solutions when fitted with one of our light packages. Additional lighting provides additional security, by both actively deterring bad actors, and illuminating the area to prevent trips and falls. Lighting helps keep your employees safe, your equipment safe, and anyone else passing through or using the area.

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True Power, Off The Grid

No matter the location, Optiview’s solar power platforms give you the flexibility to provide ample power to any site, no matter the location. You no longer need to worry about power or networking infrastructure with Optiview’s solar platforms. We can remotely power, wireless connect or offer cellular connectivity for even the most remote applications. And with the included batteries, rest assured that your site has power for lighting, sensors, surveillance, networking, cellular and beyond.


Fixed Solar Platform

Pole Mounted Modules

Optiview’s fixed solar powered platforms are a great way to get power to devices in areas where shore power is not available. These can be installed in parking lots, on docks, along rivers and by the ocean, remote fields, and more.

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Solar Mobile Cart

Pushable Power Platform

Optiview’s AL600 is a modular solar-powered mobile surveillance cart with infinite possibilities. The cart can be set up easily by just one person, putting motion detectors, infrared cameras, and HD cameras at your fingertips in minutes. The AL600 combines speed and flexibility to give you security the way that YOU need it. The AL600 platform puts eyes in the sky up to a max 19′, and an optional 4G connection means that you can monitor your worksite or event space from any web-enabled device.

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Solar Powered Mobile Cart Feature Callouts - AL600
Compact Solar Powered Trailer Feature Callouts - AL1500

Solar Mobile Trailer

DOT Towable Power Platform

The AL1500 is Optiview’s DOT approved light-weight solar-powered mobile trailer enabling extreme mobility, without sacrificing power. This compact trailer is easily deployable by a single person (with towing experience) and is perfect for remote locations. The AL1500’s deployed height of 23’ 4″ and 4x 200Ah batteries not only power your equipment even after the sun goes down helps you protect the things you care about most. With complete customization, get exactly what you need for any job with one of our surveillance, lighting, or remote connectivity packages.

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