Marine Grade Solutions - Surveillance Systems and NEMA Enclosures

Common Marine Security Problem Areas

When it comes to providing security to marinas and boat docks, there are several common issues that need to be addressed.

  • Boat and Trailer theft
  • Slip and fall liability
  • Damages to personal property
  • Trespassing during and after hours
  • Misuse of marina equipment
Surveillance Systems for Dry Boat Storage Facilities

Building a Complete, Manageable Marine Security Solution

Optiview offers hardware and software to provide surveillance, access control, and lighting to the whole property, along with a free software that connects all components for an easy to use security system.

Optiview’s professional grade hardware can be installed at the main marina building, on independent buildings, light poles, and dock pilings. Marine grade aluminum enclosures and powder coated aluminum cameras will stand up to the environment for years to come.

  • HD Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Lighting
  • Enclosures
ArmorLogix marine grade aluminum enclosure product line up

More Than a Security Supply House

Optiview offers both security and infrastructure equipment to manage many different types of facilities such as marinas, schools, retail shopping centers, storage, airports, and government. Many customers come back for networking equipment and infrastructure, wireless equipment, network cable (CAT5 / CAT6), weatherproof enclosures, and more.

This type of turnkey operation allows Optiview to provide a large variety of solutions that fit the customer’s needs, and integrates hardware, software, and technology as you can see below.

Project Scope

Optiview’s scalable modular system allows for endless expansion. The free desktop and mobile operating systems allow for real time viewing, interaction, and video playback. The use of AmorLogix’s marine grade aluminum enclosures provides a rust resistant weatherproof enclosure to house equipment such as recorders, wireless bridges or cellular devices, PoE switches, wiring, access control or gate equipment and more.

A typical marina has 5 areas that need to be covered and secure.

1. Main Building
2. Parking
3. Docks and Ramps
4. Perimeter and Gate Control
5. Remote Lots

Typical Marina Security System Project Scope

Free System Design & Customer Support

Marina Security System Design Example 01
Marina Security System Design Example 02
Marina Security System Design Example 03
Marina Security System Design Example 04

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