Securing Golf Courses with HD Surveillance

There is not a more peaceful tranquil place than a golf course with it’s green grass, acreage of land, and quiet atmosphere. Most people would never think that a golf course would require surveillance but, the sad truth is that public and private golf courses encounters many of the same problems a normal business would. In the world we live in sadly we have seen golf courses over the years require surveillance equipment for a host of reasons such as trespassing, vandalism, theft, and loitering.

Security and Monitoring Gives Everyone Peace of Mind

Golf courses make for unique installs and require more thought process to the design as they often share these characteristics: They are typically large, open perimeter, and lack power. It can make the install cumbersome and some integration firms will not work with them at all. Fear not though, Optiview has worked with public and private golf courses for many years. Optiview offers both a host of equipment that offers the club an affordable solution, and design assistance to ensure a working system while understanding some of the obstacles that may be encountered during an install.

Optiview has been building weatherproof DVR systems for over 15 years and this is one of the most widely used solutions in our large acreage projects. If a site has access to power we can power a fully self contained DVR system basically anywhere. These systems at the most basic level allow the user to record, playback, and monitor events all from a self contained system. Cameras can be wired into this system and be ran via cable (CAT6 - 328’ or COAX over 1000’) and we can offer a fully self contained solution outdoors. These systems will run in a climate controlled environment using an ArmorLogix 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum Enclosure that is ventilated and includes a multispeed thermostatically controlled fan to keep the equipment cool enough to operate and airflow moving throughout the enclosure.

Powering your Surveillance System

Optiview offers site design and some of the first questions we ask are power related:


  • Are there irrigation pump houses that we can supply power from?
  • Is there lighting along the perimeter or gated entrances and exit points that we may be able to tap into power?
  • Is there maintenance sheds or storage houses on site that may have power?

In cases where power is available, we can go with a more standard weatherproof DVR surveillance solution that works much like your indoor DVR which offers years of trouble free surveillance viewing and recording.


For sites that lack a hardy power infrastructure, Optiview offers solar powered solutions that can supplement power and fully operate a weatherproof DVR system up to 8 and even 16 cameras. The solar power source would power the DVR and power equipment within the ArmorLogix NEMA3 rated enclosures offering you a fully self contained system. This system can mount on infrastructure as simple as a 4x4 wood post at a height of the customers choice (within availability) and be placed relatively anywhere. This system can have cameras all mounted to that same post or the cabling can come down and trench out from that location. Both IP and Coax based solutions have the ability to send power and video along the same wire making this possible and more simple to install.

If a large private golf club or public golf course would like a solar solution that is more mobile and portable we offer two new products. Optiview’s Solar Carts and Solar Trailers allow surveillance to be moved around acreage and deployed exactly where your problem may be. Since these mobile solutions also offer lighting they make a great tool for the club's maintenance for a couple reasons. They are deployable by one person, they are 100% self contained, and they are SILENT. They would make a great fit for the private environment and would be a powerful tool that can be used year round onsite for your surveillance and lighting solutions.

Full Site Solutions

Optiview knows that having equipment out on your acreage property is a nice addition, but we also know your needs do not stop there. Typically, when we handle projects of this magnitude, the site requires a combination of weatherproof solutions, indoor security systems and access control for their offices, and perimeter or gate solutions. Optiview’s free Video Management Software (VMS) integrates with all of Optiview's security and surveillance equipment which allows users to view all of it simultaneously as if the wires were all home run back to the head office.

The truth is that your install will typically consist of wired cameras, wireless cameras, wired DVR’s, wireless DVR’s, and depending on infrastructure, may demand wireless access points (up to 1 mile) or fiber infrastructure. When the Optiview VMS is programmed it will allow you to view all of your cameras from a single site or multiple sites as if they are all wired as one. This powerful software allows us to view up to 64 cameras per monitor, multiplied over four monitors totaling 256 cameras. It’s important to mention as well that this software is included FREE with the purchase of your Optiview hardware and also supports connectivity to the mobile solar solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your sites that may have limited access to infrastructure or power. We can offer a free consultation and discuss options for a FREE system design layout.

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Optiview offers multiple software platforms for remote viewing and analytics. All of the software platforms integrate easily and seamlessly both together and with the surveillance hardware offered by Optiview. View all of our Software solutions here.


If you have ever operated a DVR and gone through video for an investigation, you know the DVR's and recordings are only as good as the operators. This is why our technicians are available to train your security teams.

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