In a world where criminals are becoming smarter, security systems need to be one step ahead of potential thieves. A functional surveillance installation helps protect your business from all threats, internal and external. An Optiview surveillance solution can give you peace of mind, allowing you to keep a steady eye on your facilities, products, customers, and employees. We understand that all businesses have unique needs. Optiview is ready to help you develop a customized solution to perfectly fit those needs. Our modular solutions can fit any sized business, from small Mom and Pop bakeries, to sprawling outdoor retail centers. Our diverse catalog of cameras and interchangeable DVR / NVR systems allows you to pick the surveillance package that directly suits you and your business.


The largest variable in any surveillance system is going to be what kind of camera to install, so we made it simple for you. Here’s an overview of what you’ll be looking for.



Optiview offers multiple software platforms for remote viewing and analytics. All of the software platforms integrate easily and seamlessly both together and with the surveillance hardware offered by Optiview. View all of our Software solutions here.


In any brick-and-mortar retail environment, understanding your consumer’s behaviors and protecting your investment (people and inventory) remains critical. In the past these functions were only able to be done separately and were virtually impossible to compile into a real-time report. With the advent of intelligent video surveillance, these items are easier to manage, in real-time, over one device.

Optiview Adds Intelligent Surveillance Cameras to Product Line

Optiview is continually testing new “intelligent video” surveillance cameras such as cameras that provide heat maps, facial detection and people counting and has brought several on-board. The latest model that has been officially added to the product card is the IP6F, a 6 megapixel network fisheye multi-purpose camera which supports Heat Mapping.

What is "Heat Mapping" and how is it relevant?

There are several different terms out in the surveillance today that can easily be misrepresented or confused with one another. In this article we’re talking about Heat Mapping, not thermal, which is a completely different technology.

A heat map (or heatmap) is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors.

In this context, it means a 2D overlay on the screen which shows the lowest to highest amount of change in pixels that are then “mapped” in blues/greens - oranges/reds. Blues represent the “cooler” areas with the least amount of pixel change over time and red represents the “hottest” areas where the largest amount of pixel change over time was registered.

Heat Map video analytics is huge in the retail industry as it helps store managers analyze customer traffic flow through the retail space, and analyze customer behavior (what parts of a display table are being visited or ignored). Store managers and marketers can also gather marketing insights such as making changes to determine if it is the product or the product placement that has a higher pull with the consumers. The “heat map” report can be viewed over the web browser or via the Optiview VMS.

People Counting

Retail stores have always been interested in tracking not just how many people are entering and exiting the store, but what times are peaks and lulls in foot traffic. Optiview is completing R&D on a new “People Counter” that is expected to be available for sale sometime in the 4th quarter of 2018. The report can be viewed over either a web browser or the Optiview VMS 2018.

Remotely Monitoring your Retail Space

The term “remote viewing” refers to viewing the video on a machine that is NOT the local recorder that the cameras are plugged into. Optiview offers free a mobile app and free desktop software program that can be installed for remote viewing from on-site (offices) or off-site locations (home offices or while on the road). The Optiview VMS 2018 allows the user to view up to 256 channels at one time, over 4 monitors and will also integrate add-on security features such as access control, and attendance. Users can also utilize new search functions such as People Counting and Heat Map, which requires multi-use cameras that have those intelligent video analytics built in (such as the IP6F).

Custom Design Support from Optiview

Optiview employs highly experienced Account Managers who will happily assist in building your custom system based on your individual needs. Contact us today at (904) 805-1581 to ensure that you get the right system in place.


Written by: Georgia Fishel, Director of Marketing & Purchasing
January 25, 2019