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Cameras, Recorders, Access Control, Weatherproof, Solar Platforms, and More

Optiview helps you achieve more by supporting you at every phase of your process with state-of-the-art equipment, technical sales advice, design services, easy and fast shipping, and warranty support, and by providing seasoned technical support for your projects, now and in English. At Optiview, the answer is YES, we can!

Here at Optiview, we pride ourselves on always having what you need in stock no matter the technology platform or compliance requirements. All equipment we keep in stock is professional-grade and can be used for residential, commercial, or government projects.

Product Section Transparent - Cameras

At Optiview, we pride ourselves in carrying a massive diversified inventory of different security cameras, always in stock. 4K Cameras, IP67 Weatherproof, IK10 Vandal-proof, 24/7 Color, Active Deterrence, and Two-Way Talk. At Optiview, we have it all!


Every recorder that we keep in stock is built for performance. Our Network & Digital Video Recorders are designed to run 24/7 and all supporting multi-site video monitoring. Optiview’s recorders can be customized with the number of video channels, number of hard drives, analytics, and more.

Access Control

Optiview specializes in keeping your buildings and sites safe and secure. Efficiently manage your security from almost any location and integrate with other technology all through a single platform. Integration with Optiview’s VMS enables even more advanced security features.

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ArmorLogix’s NEMA 3 & NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosures protect your assets from the elements and intruders with its 5052 Aluminum housing. This makes each enclosure the ideal choice being dissipating heat more easily, lighter in weight, and rust and corrosion-resistant.

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Solar Platforms

Fully optimized and ready to deploy. Our Mobile Solar Powered Carts & Trailers are easy to deploy on-site or to locations where hard-wired power may not be available. Customizable solutions can be built to your specific needs for lighting, surveillance, telecommunications, or a combination thereof.

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Networking & Accessories

Switches, Bridges, and Cable oh my! Optiview stocks everything that you need to complete your project whether it’s camera mounting brackets, cable connectors, cabling tools, or even just CCTV signs we have you covered.


IP Security Cameras

Connect your cameras easily over network-based ethernet cable to record to an Optiview DVR, or NVR, or record on the edge. Power-Over-Ethernet enables the camera to be powered at the same time as transmitting data.

Coax Security Cameras

Utilizing existing infrastructure makes installing an upgraded coax-based system easy. Upgrade any coax camera to advanced intelligent features with an Optiview DVR with built in analytics.

NDAA Cameras

These cameras are NDAA compliant by Section 889 of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. Rest assured that these cameras meet NDAA rules and regulations.

TAA/NDAA Cameras

These cameras meet the requirements of NDAA equipment from certain Chinese companies as well as being made within countries designated under the Trade Agreements Act.



Network Video Recorders

An NVR, or Network Video Recorder, is compatible with IP security cameras. An NVR can communicate with connected IP cameras and record advanced analytics easily and efficiently.

Digital Video Recorders

A DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, is compatible with analog security cameras. An intelligent DVR can enhance analog cameras to gain access to advanced features.

NDAA Recorders

These recorders are NDAA compliant by Section 889 of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. Resta assure that these recorders meet NDAA rules and regulations.

TAA/NDAA Recorders

These recorders meet the requirements of NDAA equipment from certain Chinese companies as well as being made within countries designated under the Trade Agreements Act.



Optiview has both stand-alone and expandable systems up to 64 doors.


Indoor and outdoor rated keypads and readers for any access control application

Mag Locks

Indoor and outdoor magnetic locks secure a door or gate with an electronically powered magnet and armature plate.

Request to Exit

Indoor and outdoor push to exit buttons with both contact and contactless options.

Electronic Strikes

No matter the install method Optiview has you covered with options for both metal and wood frames


Optiview carries access control wiring, ripple tube, sensors and more.

Programmers, Cards, & Fobs

Optiview carries access control cards, fobs and programmers.

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All Access Control

View all access control equipment.


AL191912N3 - Product Image - Main

Aluminum Enclosures rated for NEMA 3 are vented for airflow to improve the natural thermal conductivity of 5052 aluminum.

AL191912N4 - Product Image - Main

Aluminum Enclosures rated for NEMA 4 are non-vented preventing water, dust, and other debris from intruding inside.

Weatherproof Recorders

An easy custom-built solution combining aluminum enclosures and a surveillance recorder for remote site recording.


Aluminum enclosures can be completely customized with locks, latches, heaters, fans, power, remote access, networking, brackets, and more!


Pole Mounted

Fixed position solar modules can be mounted in places where power may not be otherwise available. Remote site monitoring.

Mobile Solar-Powered Cart

These stand-alone solutions provide surveillance in even more remote areas. These have a smaller footprint making them easily deployable by a single person.

Mobile Solar-Powered Trailer

These power stations bring even more power to your fingertips to locations with limited power. Deployable easily by a single person with truck and trailer experience.