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Remote view from PC or MAC
Manage up to 256 Devices
Up to 2048 Channels

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We are proud to offer the free Optiview Video Management Software (VMS) with all embedded DVRs and NVRs.
While each DVR and NVR have their own intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for recording set up, live view and playback,
they are limited to one machine at a time. With the Optiview VMS, users can view single or multiple machines remotely or on site.
The Optiview VMS will also manage up to 256 devices (IP cameras or individual DVR/NVR’s) for a total of up to 2048 channels.

The Optiview VMS supports IP/Megapixel cameras, Analog, HD-over-Coax and IP/Network recorders.
Another aspect of this powerful system is the fact that the 64-channel preview screens can be opened in up to 4 windows for live viewing up to 256 channels at the same time.

While all cameras will record on their local recorders, the VMS allows for up to 16 channels to record locally on the home or work PC.
36 channels can be chosen for playback in increments of 24 hour periods.

  • Support IP/Megapixel, HD-over-Coax, DVR, NVR, etc.
  • Live Preview supports up to 64 (x) 4 Preview Windows; Main/Sub-stream optional
  • Auto find/import/export supported
  • Manage up to 256 devices (up to 2048 channels)
  • 36 channel playback / 64 channel live view / 16 channel record
  • On-screen Joystick to control PTZ
  • Zoom in/out + Fish-eye camera EPTZ using mouse
  • Center alarm for organizing alarm channels
  • Support e-map; clearly view & manage all device locations
  • Account management supported; different users share different privileges
  • Activity Log for event & user operation
  • Graphical User Interface for easy operation
Supported DevicesIP / Megapixel, HD-over-Coax, DVR, NVR
Max Registered Devices256 Individual IP Cameras or Video Recorders (up to 2048 channesl)
Device ManagementAuto find, Add, Delete, Device Group, Reboot, Set-Up
Health ReportDevice Status, Alarm Info, HDD Info
Video Display Split1 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 16 / 25 / 36 or customize split for all versions. 64 way split only available for Windows.
Multiple Screen ViewWindows: 4 x 64 Channel Windows
Mac: 1 x 36 Channel Window
FeaturesSnapshot, Record, Audio, Talk, Instant Replay, E-PTZ, Tour Task
PTZ ControlDirections, PTZ, Focus, Iris, Preset, Tour, Pattern, Joystick Control
Alarm Output ControlSupport
Video SourceLocal PC (Manual record or alarm record), Embedded DVR/NVR, IP/Megapixel, HD-over-Coax
PlaybackUp to 24 hours at a time / Up to 36 Channels at a time
Search TypeCertain Time, Motion Detect, Alarm
FeaturesSnapshot, E-PTZ, Audio, Speed 1/8x~8x, Synchronization Playback
Video Back-UpWindows: Export as .dav or .avi
Mac: Export as .dav
Alarm FeaturesSchedule alarms, set up actions, operate / memo alarm
Alarm TypeExternal alarm, video loss, motion, tampering, disk full or error
Alarm ActionsTrigger recording, PTZ movement, alarm, popup video
Number of E-MapsMap group: Unlimited, Sub-Map, Layout: 64
E-Map Supports Image TypesJPEG / BMP
Local RecordingRecord up to 16 channels locally
Device ConfigurationNetwork, enclode, PTZ, image, event, record, disk, account, maintenance
AccountUser & Role management; privileges according to module & device
LogClient log, remote device log; operation log, system log, alarm log
System RequirementCPU: 2 Cores, 3.0GHZ or above
Memory: 2G or above; HDD 80G or above
Operating SystemWindows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Mac OS 10.7 or above


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