NVR32-2I – 32 Channel Ultra HD 4K NVR + Analytics

Up to 4K Recording
32 Camera NVR
Advanced Analytics
Up to 20TB of Storage

CATEGORIES: 32 Channel IP Network NVRs

The new, high powered, 4K Intelligent NVR32-2I (IP based Network Video Recorders) comes packed with features allowing for more advanced CCTV monitoring. Optiview’s newest Intelligent recorder come equipped with ID+ (advanced Intelligent motion Detect) which drastically improves alarm accuracy, perimeter protection, face detection and recognition, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), analytic reporting, and much more! Learn more about our Intelligent NVRs!

Analytic Reporting on Optiview Surveillance Cameras and Recorders

Get People Counting and Heat Map reports with compatible IP cameras.


Detect human faces and trigger snapshot, record, or alarm. Face Recognition available w/ compatible camera.

Tripwire and Intrusion IVS

Set up custom rules to trigger and send notifications when lines are crossed or spaces are entered.

Intelligent Motion Detection (SMD)

Advanced motion detection that filters out false alarms and only triggers with people or vehicles.


Fully dewarp Fisheye and 360° Panoramic cameras on the native NVR in both live or playback mode.

Infinity Scroll - HD Resolutions


4K resolution captures images four times the pixel density of 1080P which means that the finer details, such as faces or smaller items can be viewed with more detail than traditional 1080P surveillance.


Intelligent Motion Detection Plus, or ID+, is an upgraded version of ID that greatly improves the alarm accuracy only triggering motion detect when people or vehicles are detected, filtering out tree movement, lighting changing, and more.

Infinity Scroll Image - Smart Motion Detect (ID+) V1
Infinity Scroll Image - Smart H.265+ V1

Smart H.265+

Reduce bit rate and storage requirements by up to 80% when compared to standard H.265 (up to 90% vs H.264), allowing video to be stored for longer periods of time.


The NVR32-2I comes fully equipped with advanced facial attributes analysis. Identify, capture and record people based on gender, age, expression, glasses, mustache, face mask. With real time facial feature filtering, you can display faces with targeted features.

Infinity Scroll Image - Real Time Face Detection V1
Infinity Scroll Image - Fisheye Dewarp V1


The NVR32-2I gives you the ability to dewarp a 360° panoramic camera in realtime or in playback gives the user a much larger variety of views to choose from when live monitoring, or after an event occurs. You have 9 modes to choose from, and the perspective of the camera can be adjusted for ceiling, wall, or counter top installation.


Combine multiple tripwire and intrusion IVS rules with object (people or vehicle) detection to enable advanced motion detection alarms and alerts. Ideal for crosswalks, parking lots, communities, lawns, schools, and more.

Perimeter Protection - Infinity
Infinity Scroll - People Counting


The NVR32-2I detects and tracks target by using advanced image processing technology and deep learning algorithm. You can draw 4 polygon areas, and count people in each area; When the number of the people in the area is greater than or equal to/lower than or equal to the defined threshold, the alarm will be triggered.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition available for convenient entrance/exit management. Support license plate recognition, black/white list import/export, add/delete B/W list number, search result from recorded video. This feature requires a supported license plate recognition camera and may require a license fee.

Infinity Scroll Image - Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) V4
Infinity Scroll Image - Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR) Technology V3


The NVR32-2I detects and tracks target by using advanced image processing technology and deep learning algorithm. You can draw 4 polygon areas, and count people in each area; When the number of the people in the area is greater than or equal to/lower than or equal to the defined threshold, the alarm will be triggered.


The NVR32-2I supports heat map reporting for number of people and average strand time. You can observe customer’s regions of interest from two aspects: number of people and time.

Infinity Scroll Image - Heat Map V1

Performance Series 4K / 12MP Embedded NVR

Introducing Optiview’s 32 Channel Performance Series embedded NVR, our newest affordable and fully featured NVR which offers ultra 4K HD video resolution. This heavy duty NVR will hold up to 2 hard drives, for up to 20 TB of internal storage for long term video retention.

  • Commercial grade processors allow for Ultra 4K HD viewing and recording
  • View to 64 cameras simultaneously with synchronized realtime playback
  • Up to 12MP Live View, Preview, and Playback on all channels
  • Max 320 Mbps incoming bandwidth
  • Smart H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264 dual codec decoding
  • AI by Camera: Perimeter Protection, Face Detection and Recognition, Intelligent Motion Detection  (ID+), Video Metadata, ANPR, People Counting, Stereo Analysis, Crowd Distribution, Heat Map
  • 1ch Fisheye Dewarp
Easy to Use
  • Fast and efficient set up
  • P2P connectivity makes it easy to remotely connect to the NVR from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Control what users can view or access on the NVR
  • Easily add or remove hard drives through the front panel
  • lock that front panel easily with the included key preventing unwanted access
Dynamic Monitoring 24/7
  • View locally with 2 x HDMI/ 1 x VGA simultaneous video output
  • Quickly find events in playback using GRID interface and AI search
  • Monitor through a web browser, the Optiview VMX, the Optiview VMS, or Optiview Mobile app
  • Store video clips and snapshots to external storage through an internet connection
  • Store video clips and snapshots to a USB memory device
  • Store video clips and snapshots on your mobile device through the Optiview App
Analytic Features

The NVR64-8I supports a wide variety of AI features so long as the paired camera supports it as well. Visit our IP Based Video Analytics page to learn more.

  • Tripwire
  • Intrusion
  • Missing or Abandoned
  • Heat Map
  • People Counting
  • Facial Detection
Main ProcessorIndustrial Embedded Micro-Processor
Operating SystemEmbedded LINUX
Operation InterfaceWeb / Local GUI
Perimeter Protection by Camera
Performance20 Channels
AI SearchSearch Pictures by Channel, Time, Event Type
Face Recognition by Camera
Performance14 Channels
Face Attributes6 Attributes: Gender, Age, Glasses, Expression, Face Mask, and Beard
AI SearchSearch Pictures by Channel, Time and Face Attributes
ID+ By Camera
Performance32 Channels
AI SearchSearch by Target Classification (Human, Vehicle)
Video Metadata by Camera
Performance16 Channels
Human BodyTop, Top Color, Bottom, Bottom Color, Hat, Bag, Gender, Age, Umbrella
VehiclePlate No., Type, Color, Vehicle Type, Logo, Plate Color, Ornament, Calling, Seatbelt, Region
Non-Motor VehicleType, Color, Number of Passengers, Helmet
AI SearchSupport Search Target Video by Metadata
Stereo Analysis by Camera
Performance16 Channels
AI SearchSearch by Target Classification (Fall Detection, People Approach Detection, People No. Exception Detection, People Staying Detection, Violence Detection)
ANPR by Camera
Performance4 Channels
VideoSmart H.265+ / H.265 / Smart H.264+ / H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG
AudioAAC / MP2 / G726 / G729 / G722 / G723 / G711A / G711U / PCM
Access Channel32
Network Bandwidth320 Mbps for Access, 320 Mbps for Storage and 320 Mbps for Forwarding
Resolution12 MP / 8 MP / 6 MP / 5 MP / 4 MP / 3 MP / 1080p / 960p / 720p / D1 / CIF / QCIF
Decoding Capability16-ch @ 1080p (30 fps)
Dewarp Supported1ch
Video OutputVGA: 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 1024, 1280 × 720
HDMI 1: 3840 × 2160 @ 30 fps, 3840 × 2160 @ 25fps, 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 1024, 1280 × 720
1 Channel VGA Output, 1 Channels HDMI Output
Multi-screen Display1st Screen: 1 / 4 / 8 / 9 / 16 / 25 / 36
Third Party Camera AccessPanasonic, Sony, Samsung, Axis, Pelco, Arecont, Onvif, Canon and more
Network ProtocolHTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, IPv4/IPv6, UPnP, SNMP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, IP Filter, PPPoE, DDNS, FTP, Alarm Server, IP Search, P2P
Mobile Phone AccessiOS, Android
InteroperabilityONVIF (profile T/S/G), CGI, SDK
BrowserChrome, IE9 or later, Firefox
Record Playback
Playback1 / 4 / 9 / 16
Record ModeManual, Schedule (General, MD (Motion Detection), Alarm, MD & Alarm, Intelligent, POS)
Storage MethodLocal HDD and Network
BackupUSB Device
Playback Function1. Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Fast Backward, Rewind, Play by Frame
2. Full Screen, Backup (Cut / File), Partially Enlarge, Audio On / Off
Disk GroupSupport
Raid SupportN/A
General AlarmMotion Detection, Privacy Masking, Video Loss, Local Alarm, PIR Alarm, IPC Alarm
Anomaly AlarmCamera Offline, Storage Error, Full Storage, IP Conflict, MAC Conflict, Login Lock, Network Security Anomaly
Intelligent AlarmPerimeter Protection, Face Detection, Face Recognition, ID+, Video Metadata (Human, Motor-Vehicle, Non-Motor Vehicle), ANPR, People Counting, Stereo Analysis, Crowd Distribution, Heatmap, Video Quality Diagnosis
Alarm LinkageRecord, Snapshot, IPC External Alarm Output, Buzzer, Log, Preset, Email
External Port
Audio Input1 Channel, RCA Connector
Audio Output1 Channel, RCA Connector, supports voice intercom output
HDD2 SATA III Ports, up to 10 TB for a Single HDD
Alarm Input4 Channels
Alarm Output2 Channels
RS-2321 Channel, Used to Debug and Pass Through Serial Data
RS-4851 Channel, Used to Control PTZ, and it Supports Multiple Protocols
USB1 Front USB 2.0 Ports, 1 Rear USB 3.0 Ports
Network1 RJ-45 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps Self-Adaptive Ethernet Ports
Power Supply12V/4A DC
Power Consumption< 9.5 W (Without HDD)
Net Weight3.5 lb (Without HDD)
Gross Weight7.1 lb (Without HDD)
Product Dimensions14.8″ × 11.1″ × 2.1″ (W × L × H), 1U
Package Dimensions16.9″ × 14.2″ × 5.4″ (W × L × H)
Operating Conditions14°F to +131°F
Storage Conditions32°F to +104°F
Operating Humidity10%–93% (RH)
Storage Humidity30%–85% (RH)
Operating Altitude3000 m (9843 ft)
CertificationsCE: EN55022, EN55024, EN50130-4, EN60950-1
FCC: Part 15 Subpart B, ANSI C63.4-2014
UL: UL 60950-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No.60950-1