CAT6-1000-WHT-CU – 1000ft Roll of CAT6 CMR

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CATEGORIES: Access Control Wire and Connectors
  • 23 AWG, Solid
  • 4 twisted pairs
  • Tested up to 550 MHz
  • Length: 1000 ft.
  • Weight: 20.8 lbs
  • Also available in Blue
Cable Construction
Type of CableUTP
Length per Reel1000ft
Number of Pairs4
Field of ApplicationIndoor
ConductorMaterial: Bare Copper
Size: 23AWG, 1/0.54±0.015 mm
InsulationMaterial: Polyolefin
Thickness: Min at any point: 0.18mm, Max average: 0.22mm
Diameter: 0.94± 0.01mm;0.96± 0.01mm;0.98± 0.01mm;1.00± 0.01mm
Color Code: Blue / White-Blue, Orange / White-Orange, Green / White-Green, Brown / White-Brown
Elongation: Minimum 300%
Tensile Strength: Minimum 1.682Kg/mm 2
FillerCross Slot: 4.8 x 0.45mm
JacketMaterial: CMR PVC
Thickness: Min at any point: 0.56mm, Max average: 0.58mm
Diameter: 6.0±0.2mm
Color: White
Aging at 100°C for 168hrs: Min elongation retention: 50%, Min tensile strength retention: 75%
Electric Characteristics
Spark Test2000±250VOC
Mutual Capacitance580pF/100m Max
Conductor ResistanceMax 9.38Ω/100m at 20°C
Capacitance UnbalanceMax 330pF/100m
Resistance UnbalanceMax 5%
Standard:ISO / IEC 11801; ANSI / ITA-568-C; UL 444
Test:Perm Link test by fluke 90+/- 5m


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