CAS-4SA2 – Multi-Functional Access Controller

· Power supply through storage battery
· Supports watchdog mechanism to ensure the operation stability
· Two communication protocols: RS-485 and Wiegand
· Supports multi-door interlock, multi-user unlock, anti-passback, and
remote unlock

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CATEGORIES: Access Control
Optiview 2020 Iconset - IP Network Surveillance
TCP / IP Network

Connect to the Alarms IoT and existing infrastructure to reduce complexity and save installation and equipment costs.

Communication Protocols

RS-485 and Wiegand all you to connect to exactly the devices you need with the method you want.

Massive Database

Store up to 100K users and up to 500K card-swiping records to keep your data and facility secure.

Advanced Security
Advanced Security

Control access as you need it with multi-door interlocking, multi-user unlocking, anti-passback, remote unlock & more.

Built in Alarm Features
Advanced Alarms

Receive prompt notifications for alarm tampering, intrusions, unlocking timeouts, duress, and more.


Easily upgrade your access control system with additional control panels. Lower your total cost of ownership with a system that is flexible to your facilities needs. This modularity helps you install an access control system in an infinite
number of applications.


The IoT and IP based access controls simplifies your “control hub” cleaning up the mess of wiring to connect each device and system. By connecting existing networks you can link alarm events to video events getting you better control of who has access to your facilities. And with multiple communication protocols (RS-485 and Wiegand) you have the ability to connect to exactly the devices you need.

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Be notified rapidly of any event protecting your people, equipment, and facility with support multiple alarms for intrusions, tampering, timeouts, duress, and more.


With an internal storage battery through power supply means that even with outages your equipment remains operational. Even in larger power
failures, data can be saved permanently offering the ultimate protection and
archiving. Supports online upgrades and watchdog mechanisms ensuring operational stability.


Optiview’s CAS-4SA2 supports storing up to 100,000 users and up to 500,000 card-swiping records. With so many authentication and authorization user and recorders, no matter the size of the organization, or installed access control devices your data is always secure with multiple layers of protection.


Control access to an area in a way that allows only one door open at a time. Multi-door interlocking prevents a second door from being opened until the first door is closed and locked. This technology is perfect for clean rooms, and detention centers.


This technology allows your access control system to prevent a device from reading a specific card or code a second time until it’s left that area again first. This is seen at preventing nefarious access to an area by requiring entrance and exit access.


Require a specified group or select users to establish a sequence or pair to unlock a specified door or entrance.


Remotely open and unlock doors without the need of being on site. When connected to a security camera using our remote monitoring software, you can allow a security guard to review access before remotely granting access.

Main processor Embedded Processor
Internet Protocol IPv4; TCP; UDP
OSDP Protocol Yes
SDK and API Yes
Product Appearance Type C Iron Container
Buzzer Yes
Casing Material SECC Steel Board
Unlock Mode Card Swiping; Remote; Password; Fingerprint
Period List 128
Holiday Period 128
Network Update Yes
First-Card Unlock Yes
Remote Verification Yes
Block List / Allow List Yes
Peripheral Card Reader 4 – Channel RS-485 Card Reader; 4 – Channel Wiegand Card Reader
Multi-Door Interlock Yes
Group Combination Card Swiping; Password; Fingerprint
Real-Time Surveillance Yes
Multiple Authentication Yes
RS-485 Port 5 Ports
Wiegand Port 4 Ports
Network 1 x 10 / 100 Mbps Ethernet Port
Alarm Input 6 ( Digital Quantity )
Alarm Output 4 ( Relay )
Alarm Linkage Yes
Exit Button 4
Door Status Detection 4
Lock Control 4 Channels, No by Default
Anti-Passback Yes
Tamper Yes
Duress Yes
Door Unlock Timeout Yes
Intrusion Yes
Illegal Card Exceeding Threshold Yes
Duress Fingerprint Yes
User ( Card ) Type General User; VIP User; Patrol User; Guest User; Block List User; Other User
User 100,000
Fingerprint 3,000
Card 100,000
Record Capacitty 500,000
Power Supply 100 – 240 V AC
IP Rating IP20;IK04
Power Consumption ≤ 0.8 W ( Standby ), ≤ 39.6 W ( Working )
Product Dimensions 13.27” × 10.71” × 3.54” ( H × W × D )
Packaging Dimensions 18.58” × 13.86” × 6.42” ( H × W × D ) ( One Product in an Inner Carton )
Operating Temperatures -22 °F to 140 °F
Operating Humidity 5% – 95% RH ( Non-Condensing )
Operating Environment Indoor
Gross Weight 7.72 lb
Installation Surface Mount
Certification CE; FCC; UL
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