Solar-Powered Video Surveillance

When traditional electricity sources cannot power your security system, you still need to keep it running smoothly and protect your assets. Optiview solar power platforms offer flexible solutions you can implement for mobile and fixed systems. Boost your security network with reliable solar-powered video surveillance systems from Optiview.

Get Exceptional Expertise

A solar power security system can keep communication lines open, power essential lighting, and keep surveillance cameras working. Optiview responds to these critical elements by bringing you tailored solutions with unmatched support. Our accessible and easy-to-integrate solar video surveillance solutions ensure your business premises always have vital security so you get added peace of mind. Here is how our team goes above and beyond:

  • Ready-to-go solutions: Optiview brings you customized, out-of-the-box solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Free tech assistance: We provide superior tech assistance at no cost to you.
  • Job site planning: Our team works with you to assess your size for job site design and planning that fits your solar video surveillance needs.
  • Exceptional quality control: Our Research and Development (R&D) team tests all our products, further entrenching our commitment to outstanding quality.
  • After-sales and installation support: We provide assistance and support throughout the onboarding process. Our dedicated after-sales services help ensure your solar power system keeps running smoothly.
  • Industry expertise: Optiview selects only the finest knowledgeable professionals and, combined with our over 25 years of industry experience, provides you with seasoned expertise you can trust.
  • Protected dealer network: A protected dealer network can increase your access to personalized services and quality equipment.

Our Solar Powered Surveillance Camera Systems

We at Optiview design our solar powered products with the end user in mind. You get versatile and streamlined solutions that simplify alternative energy when you need it.

Power Anywhere

Wheel the solar power security system to wherever you need it or affix the solution in a permanent area.

Limitless Applications

Whether you need to power your security cameras, communication devices, sensors, lighting, or any other security application, our power platforms offer superior flexibility.

Turnkey Solutions

Get quick solutions that eliminate complicated building installations. You can start using our solutions as soon as the setup and configurations are complete.

Truly Customizable

With different options featuring port switches, cameras, strobe lights, and more, you can easily integrate devices for optimized security even when wired power is down.

Get Reliable Solar Video Surveillance from Optiview

With innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, Optiview is the number one choice for your solar powered video surveillance systems. Get superior solutions that do not compromise on quality. For more information, call one of our sales representatives at (904) 805-1851 today.

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