IP Network PTZ Cameras

IP PTZ Cameras stand for pan–tilt–zoom and is a IP camera that is capable of multi-directional and zoom by remote control.

IP PTZ Camera controls are used for monitoring certain locations with cameras in construction sites, secure areas, sporting events, and other spaces. They are commonly referred to as robos, an abbreviation of robotic camera. These systems can be remotely controlled by automation systems or by an operator sitting at the controls.

With IP PTZ cameras, there is a network attached to the camera that allows more digital control over the video.

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  • 2 Megapixel IP PTZ Camera with Laser IR and 45x Zoom


    2MP 45x PTZ
    3.95~177.7mm PTZ
    70.3° ~ 1.8° View
    Micro SD Card
    Audio + Alarm

  • 2MP 1080P Mini Network PTZ


    2MP Mini PTZ
    2.7~11mm PTZ
    112.5° ~ 39° View
    4X Optical Zoom
    Micro SD Card

  • 2 Megapixel Network PTZ Camera with 25 times optical zoom


    2MP PTZ
    4.8~120mm PTZ
    62.8° ~ 2.6° View
    25X Optical Zoom
    4.8~120.0mm Lens
    H.265+ / H.265
    Micro SD Slot

  • IP2MSPTZ30

    2MP 30x PTZ
    4.5~135mm PTZ
    67.8° ~ 2.4° View
    Micro SD Card
    Audio + Alarm

  • 2MP IP PTZ Camera with Starlight IR, Smart Wiper, and Analytics

    IP2MSPTZ40-WA – 2MP IP PTZ Camera with 40x Zoom Smart Wiper and Analytics

    2MP 40x PTZ
    Starlight + Smart Wiper
    Built-in Analytics
    Micro SD Card
    Audio + Alarm

  • 4K Network PTZ with 1400ft IR, wiper, and IVS


    4K 40x IR PTZ
    63.9° ~ 2.0° View
    H.265 + Micro SD Card
    Starlight IR
    Audio + Alarm

  • 4MP Network PTZ Camera with 30x Optical Zoom


    4MP 30x PTZ
    4.5~135mm PTZ
    60° ~ 2.2° View
    Micro SD Card
    Audio + Alarm