DVR / NVR Lockboxes

Securing your recording equipment is very important and not only easy to do but very affordable.

Imagine having a major event take place at your home or facility that you have caught on your digital video surveillance system, to then only have that system stolen or vandalized. Though we have not seen this often, it is something that we have witnessed firsthand. The DVR (digital video recorder), NVR (network video recorder) Lockbox is a simple and affordable piece of hardware that can make the difference between you having your surveillance footage available or in the hands of vandals or thieves.

Choosing the Right Size Lockbox

Lockboxes come in multiple sizes. The smaller 18”x 18”x 5” will fit the smaller half rack or ⅔ rack while the 21”x 21”x 8” size is sized to fit your full size rack mountable video recorders. Before you decide the overall size of your lockbox consider these other factors before finalizing your decision.

Additional Considerations

  1. What additional room is needed for cable management (wires will be plugged into the back of your recorder via Coax or RJ45 terminated network wire, mouse and keyboard connections, USB thumb drives for back up purposes, and any third party connections coming in for your relay inputs and outputs)?
  2. What additional equipment will be in the lockbox with the recorder? For example, a power strip, service loops for cable, keyboard & mouse, additional management hardware like POS (point of sale) modules.
  3. Overall ventilation room around your video surveillance recorder to prevent it from overheating.

Securing your Video Files and your Investment

Lockboxes offer an added layer of protection to your surveillance system to avoid internal tampering from employees or customers unplugging wires, pushing buttons, or sabotaging your recording equipment and power connections. Internal tampering of recording equipment is a large concern and requires your recording system to be protected from the people that you know just as much as the people you do not know.

Added Benefits of using a Video Recorder Lockbox

One of our favorite reasons to use DVR lockboxes on a site is to offer added mounting options that keeps your surveillance not only more secure, but also looks better and could even add functionality to the system and your workspace. Both the 18x18x5 and the 21x21x8 surveillance recorder lockbox have optional brackets that allow you to install the box horizontal like shelf or hang the lockbox vertically saving you valuable space in smaller areas like management offices, closets, or store rooms.

Installation Options

Horizontal Mounting

The horizontal lockbox bracket allows you to install the lockbox straight off the wall giving your DVR and equipment to sit naturally in the enclosure. This makes it very simple to slide the DVR/NVR in and out for service and since the recorder sits in its natural position there’s no chance of the recording tipping over or getting scratched up in the lockbox. Since this option acts like a shelf it would also give you a prime place to set your viewing monitor on to make it easy to view live video or play video back from your recorder inside.

Vertical Mounting

The vertical lockbox bracket allows you to take up the least amount of space by hanging your box vertically leaving your access door either on the right or on the left depending on your install preference. We see this option used most in smaller areas or in installs that the customer may not need a local monitor to view live video or archived video right at the DVR.

No Bracket Needed

A common question we get is whether you need a mounting bracket at all. No, a mounting bracket is not necessary for all installs. If you plan to mount the lock box directly to a counter top you will not need a bracket as you can run your screws or bolts through the bottom of the security lockbox and secure it to your furniture. Some customers have even gone the route of vertical mounting the enclosure without the vertical mount by securing the box using screws or bolts directly to the wall.

Expert Assistance

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