Armorlogix is a channel partner to Optiview where Optiview acts as one Armorlogix’s master distributors. Armorlogix is in the business of protecting what is important to you. Armorlogix does this by providing a wide range of SmartPlatforms™ to house protective solutions. For example, you can mount a surveillance system on any of Armorlogix’s SmartPlatform’s – or a lighting solution – or create a telecommunications repeating point – or whatever you might imagine.

What makes Armorlogix’s platforms smart is the infrastructure we build into them. First, the platform can be fixed or mobile. Next it can be shore-powered or solar-powered or even back-up generator powered. Any platform can be equipped to communicate either over wireless or 3G/4G bridges. All platforms are outdoor rated and completely protect the on-board devices from the weather. They also have their own power plant…either by tapping into shore-power or through a solar-powered battery array. Our largest solution has a backup generator to ensure no interruption to its performance.

Custom Built Solutions

From there, Armorlogix has created a suite of customized solutions.

Surveillance Packages

Surveillance packages include cameras and recorders with communication bridges that allow you to remotely watch what is important to you – whether it is your people, your property or your operations. One customer has deployed a mobile trailer application with Lidar to measure stock piles of raw materials. Another has deployed a cart solution into a large field to monitor logging operations. Several trailers are deployed on construction sites. In these greenfield applications the lack of infrastructure presents no problems because our SmartPlatforms™ are self-powered – if there is sun and a satellite in range, you are have an immediate solution.

Lighting Packages

The next customized solution is a lighting package to allow your customer, your operators or employees to move safely in unlit spaces.

Communications Packages

Finally, we have create a telecommunications application that allows a mobile unit to be deployed to extend vital communications either wirelessly or via 3G/4G networks.

As discussed above, some of the SmartPlatforms are mobile, through pushing a wheeled cart all the way to pulling a 3,500 pound DOT approved trailer that is complete with power and a mast. Alternatively, we offer a wide-array of sizes of fixed platforms that can mount to a wall or a pole.

Expert Assistance

Optiview’s specialists can work with you to customize any application and are available to take your call, and answer your questions today at (904) 805-1581.

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