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Video Intercoms

Intercom allows a person to communicate to another person via telephony or digitally. An intercom (intercommunication device), can be used for voice, video or both types of communications in a building or small collection of buildings or even on an enterprise scale. This two-way communication device transmits and receives audio and/or video transmissions. Intercom solutions have long outgrown the image of single-button door buzzer that operated over phone lines. Intercom is emerging as the future central hub technology that brings together audio and video communication in a wide array of commercial and residential settings.

Intercoms come in a variety of styles including audio intercoms, video intercoms, integratable and multi-tenant intercoms. Optiview prides itself in offering leading video intercom technology that integrates seamlessly with your operating system for CCTV security and access control.

Intercom devices are available in various styles and designs both simple and complicated. Outside of the various designs features, there are intercom devices specially designed for specific functionalities.

Different types of Intercom Security Systems

In applications where wires cannot be run, a wireless system is used but presents limitations in the event of a loss of wifi connectivity. A wired system provides additional security and redundancy, and can screen from possible interference from neighboring systems. A video intercom includes a unit that has a camera, speaker, and a push button which is installed next to an entrance door. This system also contains an internal monitor unit that allows it to communicate with the master unit. A traditional video intercom system consists of one “Master Station” and one “Sub-Station”. The Master Station is located at the point inside the building where communications are to be received, often the security station of the building or other security office. The Sub-Station locates itself at the point where the communication originates from.

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