Electronic Mag Locks

An indoor or outdoor electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or mag lock, is a locking device that consists of an electronically powered magnet and armature plate. To fully understand how they work and how they compare to traditional locks, first we must ask what is an electric lock?

How a Mag Lock Works

An electromagnetic lock or mag lock uses an armature plate and a powerful magnet. Electrical current passes the magnet causing it to clamp to the armature. So, they rely on an electrical input to create magnetic flux. Metal around the electromagnet makes the flux stronger. The metal covered electromagnet is attached to the door and when it contacts the armature plate that is attached to the door frame it attracts the plate with a great deal of force and locks the door.

Different mag lock weights are better used for different scenarios so be sure to speak with your Optiview Account Manager today so you get the right one!

Traditional Set Up

There are also electrical systems that use very small motors to manipulate traditional locking systems by sliding a bolt or engaging a latch and use something other than a key to secure or release the bolt. Keycards, biometric scanners or RFID tags instruct a small switch to send the electrical system the instruction to lock or unlock a door. In a traditional system it must use a key and lock combo to lock and unlock a door that is specific to only that key and only that lock. In an electrical locking system, several different sources can provide the electrical signal that needed to actuate the locking effect.

High Tech Set Up

One popular type is Biometrics where a scanner takes a person’s information, either their fingerprint or a picture of their eye, and compares it to information stored in an on-board computer. If their biometric information is found by the computer it will send the release signal to the lock. These methods keep track of exactly who has opened a lock and when thus providing an audit trail. It is nearly impossible to provide false credentials to modern biometric scanners.

Expert Assistance

Call your Optiview Account Manager if you are not sure which type of electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or mag lock you need for your access control installation.

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