Access Control Wire & Connectors

Access control relies on sending and receiving data which includes several components.

  • • Wireless Systems
  • • Hardwired Serial-connected Systems
  • • Internet Protocol (IP)-based Systems


To conceal and protect door cabling, the power wires and ethernet cables must often be run through door and even window frames. Take the example of swinging thin framed glass doors and ‘lites’. Rather than taking the shortest route a longer path crossing multiple panes and frames must be taken, extending overall cable lengths and installation times. Even wireless systems generally use some cabling, as the components on the door (eg: readers or door position switches) often are hardwired even if the controller is not.

Wire Types

The three most common wire types are reader wire, lock and DPS wire, and drain and shielding wire.

Reader Wire is typically balled “banana cable” and is several different wires bundled up in a single jacket and is used to connect Readers to Controllers. Each conductor in this bundle has a different color to handles a unique aspect of the reader. Reader wire function is typically indicated by its color where power is usually red & black, data is often green & white, and other features like beep, tamper, or LED color are reserved for other wires. The next function is controller wire that is used between the main control panel and door controller. IP wiring such as ethernet (CAT5 or CAT6) cabling works for smaller installations as it is often limited to runs of 100 meters, but controller wires can run in the thousands of feet.

Then we have lock and DPS wires that come in a pair. This cable is for providing power to devices, like strikes, mag locks, or other accessory devices like lighted Push Buttons. It may also be used to wire contact sensors, door position sensors, and to cameras for I/O linked functions. These wires are typically just a black and red pair in a service twist.

Following that are the drain and shielding wires. These wires act to ground ambient interference around the bundle. Wires come in various gauges and of course can be used differently depending on custom configurations.

Expert Assistance

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