Optiview Weatherproof Construction Site Surveillance Solution

Optiview Releases Weatherproof Surveillance System with Edge Recording

Jacksonville, Florida, September 17, 2019 (National Telewire Service) — Optiview™ Announces new Armorlogix™ SmartPlatform™ solutions that can run with zero infrastructure.


Imagine turning 2 screws and having high definition surveillance accessible from any internet enabled device. How? Optiview now offers IP cameras with on-board edge recording capabilities. In order to remotely access the recording, either in live view or playback, simply connect wirelessly with a WiFi bridge or cellular bridge.

On Board Recording

With Optiview’s edge recording technologies, surveillance footage recording can now take place at the edge of a network instead of relying on a centralized NVR or DVR by recording directly to a micro SD card installed on the camera. Optiview carries a large line of cameras that feature on board edge recording. Some are as simple as a fixed armor dome, and some are powerful pan-tilt-zoom IP PTZ cameras with up to 30x optical zoom.


The all new WPIP2SD-PTZ weatherproof recording system includes a 12 x 12 x 11″ ArmorLogix weatherproof enclosure with automatic fan/thermostat assembly, industrial PoE switch, IP2MIAD-28A fixed armor dome, and IP2MPTZ25 IP PTZ camera.

The WPIP2SD-PTZ build allows for edge storage, that when set on Motion Detect, will record for 2-4 weeks based on the environment. It can also be pole or wall mounted without making any changes to the installation brackets that come with it.

Custom Builds

This kit can be customized to include various telcom communications equipment, larger enclosures to hold more cameras, or the addition or change out of cameras based on your individual needs. The unit pictured on the right is in a 12 x 12 x 11″ enclosure and has the AL4G added for cellular, WiFi, and GPS.

Weatherproof Surveillance mounted

Powering the Weatherproof Security System

Optiview’s edge based weatherproof recording systems can be directly powered by the infrastructure, or via Solar.

About Optiview

Optiview is a leading supplier of CCTV, access control, fixed and mobile platform products serving a dynamic customer base across United States, Canada and Latin America. The Company is based in Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, visit https://optiviewusa.com/.