Commercial grade access control systems

Optiview Releases New Access Control Products

Jacksonville, Florida, May 20, 2019 — Optiview is pleased to announce an expansion to its access control product line in order to better serve its Customers nationwide. In addition to offering access control panels, proximity readers, and keypads, Optiview is now offering a full selection of electronic magnetic locks, electronic door strikes, request to exit buttons, and other hardware required to complete an access control installation.

Magnetic Locks

In addition to typical 600 pound and 1200 pound magnetic locks and brackets, Optiview has added advanced features such as weatherproof, LED’s, time delay, and motion detectors. All of these options allow for quicker and lower-cost installation, as well as streamlining the installation design.

Electronic Door Strikes

Choose from a simple, fail secure type electronic door strike, to an electronic door strike with sensors that relay advanced entry and exit information to the software. Single crash-bar door strikes and double door electronic door strikes are also available.

Request to Exit

Optiview now carries multiple request to exit buttons and sensors to suit the customer’s desires. These options range from small, plastic buttons, stainless steel flush mount installation types with easy to push buttons, to no-touch, infrared with built in time delays to meet fire safety and building codes.


Complete your installation with newly available access control wire to connect and power all components or flexible cabling to protect wiring and prevent damage to the installation, as well as nuts bolts and brackets. Optiview has added a variety of door loops specifically for this purpose.

Access Control Panels

Optiview has a full line of access control panels to fit all job types, from 4 door, non-expandable “stand alone” modules, to a fully enclosed 4 door – 64 door expandable panel. These panels all support RS485 and Wiegand protocols, and are able to integrate seamlessly with the Optiview VMS software.

Proximity Readers & Keypads

Optiview proximity readers and keypads will fit your environment. Optiview has IP67 weatherproof prox readers, vandalproof keypads, and numerous IP65 indoor proximity readers and keypads.

No matter the requirements, Optiview has the product to complete the installation, from start to finish. Contact your Account Manager today at (904) 805-1581 for more detailed information.