64 channel embedded nvr

Optiview Introduces 64 Channel NVR

Jacksonville, Florida, May 31, 2019 (National Distribution Wire) — Optiview is excited to announce the addition of a 64 channel, embedded NVR to its surveillance product line up. This cutting edge network video recorder records up to 12MP / 4K video. Using H.265+ compression, more data is stored for a longer period of time. Its powerful processor supports onboard analytics such as people counting, heat mapping, facial detection and more.


With the combination of being able to use 10 terabyte hard drives and H.265+ compression codec, this performance machine only requires 4 hard drive bays, keeping the NVR to a manageable, rack-mountable, 1.5U design. In case 40 terabytes of storage is not enough, the storage is expandable using an external hard drive. The slim form factor contains (2) HDMI and (2) VGA ports for maximum display interface customization.  The  NVR64P16-4 has (16), on board PoE switches to provide power from the NVR to the network IP cameras.

On Board Analytics

The processing power of this NVR allows the user to add unique, specialized network IP cameras to their system. These specialized cameras include:

Smart Video

Set up alarms and alerts using the intelligent video system based on your unique needs. Tripwire, intrusion, and mission or abandoned object detection are just a few of the built-in smart features. Additionally, the NVR64P16-4 supports LPR cameras, Point of Sale systems, and other ONVIF 2.4 network devices.


The NVR64P16-4 is ideal for enterprise-level applications where a variety of specialty cameras will be deployed in conjunction with standard IP cameras.  For example, a 360° fisheye surveillance camera with heat map functionality in the customer lobby or retail area to track customer traffic and behavior patterns; LPR cameras in the parking lots to capture license plates and identify tresspassers; PTZ cameras on the exterior of the building or in manufacturing areas for maximum coverage and the ability to zoom in on a specific area; Panoramic cameras for 180° or 360° coverage; or thermal cameras for monitoring the perimeter, identify sudden temperature changes, and more.

Optiview uses a modular video management system that allows this network video recorder to be incorporated into an existing surveillance system, or to be expanded upon in the future.

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