Fixed SmartPlatforms

In addition to mobile platforms like the solar powered carts and trailers, Optiview has expanded its fixed platform solar solutions to include pole or wall mounted modular solar powered systems to power surveillance cameras, communications equipment, lighting, and more.

Dependability You Can Count On

Get reliable performance 24/7 with 200W of solar panels powering your devices while simultaneously charging the battery for overnight operation. Each of these solar modules are equipped with monocrystalline solar panels, solar batteries, control panel with breakers, PoE switch for powering equipment, and pre-terminated, cut to length wiring to connect the components.

Easy to Install

Optiview’s in-house systems designers will pre-build the main components of this system. It will be up to you to install the three primary components and finish the connections.

Rugged Power Core: The marine grade 5052 aluminum enclosure houses the solar batteries, control panel, PoE switch, and is where all the connections terminate.

Solar Panels: Two 100W solar panels with brackets will come pre-assembled for the installer to place for optimum sunlight.

Primary Cabling: The PV Wire connecting the power core and panels will allow for up to 20ft of separation. Optiview provides the primary junction boxes and non-slip termination pieces that are able to be fit with either 1″ flex PVC or 1″ schedule 40 PVC piping.

Weatherproof and Durable

The weatherproof ArmorLogix enclosures that house the batteries and control equipment are constructed from 5052 marine grade aluminum which means it is not prone to rust or corrosion like other metal enclosures constructed from steel. All components of this modular, scalable system are rated for the outdoors and will last for years.

Pole Mounted Solar Platform

Popular Add Ons

Edge Capable Network Surveillance Cameras

Record on the edge and view your solar powered security cameras remotely with Optiview’s edge-capable IP network security cameras. The user can decide if they want to use a standard fixed network camera, or a camera with advanced features like pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ), thermal, license plate cameras, panoramic and fisheye with dewarping, perimeter protection, and more. Edge recording greatly reduces power consumption by eliminating a stand-alone recorder, reducing cost and extending the power reserve of the platform.

Cellular and Wireless Communication

Connect remotely to your fixed solar platform with either a wireless bridge for wifi connectivity from within a networked building or command center that is in line-of-sight, or a 3G/4G/5G/LTE cellular device for connectivity anywhere in the world.


With pre-planning, single or multi-directional LED lighting options are available to be attached or wired to the Power Core. Solar powered lighting can be connected to a set of sensors and relays which turn on and off based on specific conditions or parameters.

Versatile Powerful Solutions

The solar modules from Optiview, whether mobile or fixed, are flexible and versatile enough to provide solutions for small, medium, and large scale settings. Talk to an Account Manager today to learn more about how these SmartPlatforms work, and how they can be stand-alone or part of a larger solution.

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