Weatherproof Solutions for Perimeter and Gate Security

The best way to handle a security threat is to identify it before it occurs - a close second is to record the criminal activity for evidence. But how can you reach remote locations at your site? The costs to cut asphalt or concrete, run conduit, and repair are extraordinary causing many people to pass on this critical security area. To save money, they install an extra camera or two on the building, leaving the perimeter to continue to be vulnerable and impede the true direction of today’s security: prevention. Optiview has the perfect surveillance solution. All that is required is a power source and a pole. Our weatherproof, remote recording solution will do the rest. As with all Optiview products, these perimeter security and gate camera systems will integrate with your current product (whether Optiview or not) and are backward compatible. They will integrate with the rest of your security solution indoors or further outdoor should you need to scale up.

What is Optiview's Weatherproof Solution?

Optiview custom builds weatherproof recording solutions using leading enclosure manufacturer ArmorLogix’s™ marine-grade aluminum, NEMA 3/NEMA 4 level weatherproof enclosures, coupled with a built-in Optiview 5-Way HD DVRs or NVRs. The recording solution is then paired with Optiview HD cameras which include a variety of specialty technologies such as Starlight (clear video with virtually no ambient light), 360 degree or Panoramic, mini and full size PTZ’s, IK10 vandalproof and more. All weatherproof systems come standard with a cam lock for security, and temperature control components (fan, thermostat, insulation, sun shade, aluminum constructed enclosure).

Self contained weatherproof recording solutions can be mounted to the side of a building or to a pole using brackets. Cameras can either be mounted directly to the enclosure or to the same pole as the weatherproof recorder, or run up to 1600 feet from the enclosed DVR/NVR.


Weatherproof surveillance solutions are cost effective and can be strategically placed. All solutions offered by Optiview record at 1080P. Optiview also offers customized weatherproof solutions for 4 Megapixel or 4K recording.


Prevention, prevention, prevention! Monitor the coming and going of people and vehicles as well as capturing hit-and-runs and deterring violence, drug use and vandalism all at the perimeter and prior to bad actors accessing the premises or buildings.


If an event were to occur, it is captured by both the “overview” camera (mounted to the side of the building and paired with an inside recorder), and in more detail with the camera paired directly to the Weatherproof system.


Whether you decide to use HD-over-Coax or IP / Networking, our HD-over-Coax and IP cameras are "plug-and-play". Simply plug the camera into the Weatherproof DVR / NVR for instant recording. The network cameras are also easily installed and programmed.


Optiview provides a free video management software (VMS) that can be installed on either a PC or Mac desktop computers or via free mobile apps which allow you to view indoor and outdoor systems simultaneously. We have found that many security guards and guard offices are utilizing the mobile apps while monitoring large sites. Alternatively, human guard numbers are reduced as “making rounds” is now obsolete.


Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, our hours of operation are from 8:30AM to 5PM, EST. Contact us today via phone at (904) 805-1581 or email at We look forward to working with you and designing your custom surveillance solution.


  • 24/7 Full Color Outdoor IP Bullet Camera


    Description: 2MP Bullet 3.6mm Fixed 87° View Full Color Starlight H.265+/H.265 Micro SD Card
  • license plate camera motorized LPRHD2M


    Description: 2 MP / 1080P HD-Over-Coax 5-50mm Varifocal Lens 4 LED IRs HD LPR Camera