UPS systems from Orion are manufactured to ISO:9001 standards and cost 30-40% less than other big name UPS brands. Optiview is a proud provider of these power supplies that have applications for small home office computers and recorders to PCs, servers, DVRs/NVRs, network switches, hubs and file servers.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) also known as a battery backup, provides emergency backup power after your regular power source fails, voltage drops, or voltage spikes to an unacceptable level. It will allow equipment to keep running for a short time when the primary power source is lost or unavailable. UPS systems also provide surge protection defense from power surges and utility power. All UPS systems convert incoming AC to DC power through a rectifier and convert it back with an inverter.

There are three main types of UPS devices which include double conversion/true online, line interactive, and standby topologies.

A Double Conversion UPS:​

Also known as a true online UPS provides the highest level of protection by isolating your equipment from sheer utility power. The system works by converting power from AC to DC and then back to AC power.

This is the only topology that provides power with zero transfer time to battery, making it ideal for mission-critical equipment and locations with poor quality power conditions. A true online UPS has an internal static bypass which will automatically bypass your load in case you have a detrimental failure.

A Line Interactive UPS:​

Detect and monitor incoming voltage from utility power. If it detects a power outage or anomaly, it will ramp up or decrease utility power by allowing it to pass to the equipment it is protecting by running on battery power.

A Standby or Offline UPS:​

Mainly used on non-mission critical equipment and are the least expensive topologies out of the three that are mentioned. It is called a ​standby UPS because the battery and inverter are not supplying power to the equipment. The battery charger is using utility power to charge the battery while the battery and inverter are waiting "on standby" until they are needed. When the AC power goes out the transfer switch changes to the secondary power source. When line power is restored the UPS switches back.

All five UPS products carried by Optiview provide excellent protection. The UPS600 and UPSPRO models output a stepped square wave on battery, this type of wave form is much cleaner than a low quality and cheap UPS alternative which uses a regular Square Wave. The stepped square wave products are not recommended for long run applications, but are an ideal for buildings with back-up generators and for providing time for users to save and quit programs on personal computers or servers. The UPS1000RM outputs a true sine wave at all times and is ideal for rackmount and mission critical applications. Optiview is an Authorized Orion partner and can help with UPS solutions from 600VA to 20kVA.

About Orion Power Systems:

Orion Power Systems manufactures professional quality ups systems and power quality devices to provide assured operation for IT Datacom, Security, Industrial, and Lab Equipment. With tens of thousands of installed systems worldwide, Orion ups systems are the foundation that keeps vital equipment running. If you rely on clean power – you can rely on Orion.

Every Orion UPS comes standard with a 37 month warranty - check the Orion website for more details.

  • 2000VA LCD Line Interactive UPS


    Description: 2,000 Voltage-Amps Automatic Voltage Regulation 2.2 mins. Back-up (Full Load)
  • 1,000VA/600W Capacity 5 minutes of battery runtime at full load Power Monitoring & Shutdown Software LAN protection for communications equipment, includes USB port and cables 37 Month Silver Warranty On Electronics & battery* $50,000 Load Protection Guarantee* Note: Please see Orion's website for details on the 37 Month Silver Warranty and Load Protection Guarantee.


    Description: 1,400 Voltage-Amps Automatic Voltage Regulation 5 mins. Back-up (Full Load)
  • 1000VA LCD Line Interactive UPS


    Description: 1,000 Voltage-Amps Automatic Voltage Regulation 5 mins. Back-up (Full Load)
  • 120V AC Stand-By UPS Battery Back Up


    Description: 550 Voltage-Amps 632 Joule Surge Protection 7 mins. Back-up (1/2 Load)


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