License Plate Recognition Cameras

Capture license plate tags in a variety of methods with our Optiview LPR cameras such as tag negatives or full color license plate capture with programmable white-light cameras. We offer LPR solutions for both IP and Coax based infrastructures.

Optiview offers LPR Solutions that have been field tested to ensure they will fit your unique application. We test components sourced from around the world and find that not all equipment passes our benchmarks to be offered to our customers. By Optiview managing this testing process to create custom solutions, we have cut down on your time field testing and will eliminate lengthy tech support calls for set up. We recommend your visit our White Papers page and read about our LPR Camera Solutions or call an Optiview Account Manager to select the right products for your solution.

LPR, or License Plate Recognition, surveillance technology is currently a hot topic in the CCTV industry. Not only do you need cameras (hardware) with enough power and features to see the license plate, you need a compatible recorder and/or analytic software to store the license plate information until it is needed when paired with an ANPR license plate camera.


See them in Action

Negative Image LPR Cameras

For easy to read license plate capture, use one of the “negative” license plate cameras from Optiview. We carry this camera in both HD-over-Coax and IP / Network. These License Plate Reader cameras can be used in a large variety of applications, from high speed roadways, to parking lot entrance and exits, HOA gated entrances and exits, and more. Watch the video to see it in action!

White Light LPR Cameras

Optiview carries a high-end, white light license plate camera that is capable of full-color video capture day or night, and captures plates at speeds up to 50mph. Optiview also carries a long-range 5mm ~ 64mm motorized varifocal HD-over-Coax bullet camera with long-range IR for full-color HD license plate capture.


license plate camera motorized LPRHD2M

2 Megapixel HD-Over-Coax
5-50mm Varifocal Lens
Black & White “Negative Image”
HD LPR Camera

2MP 1080P HD-over-Coax long range IR License Plate camera

2 Megapixel HD-over-Coax
5-64mm Varifocal Lens
Full Color with long range 328ft IR Range
HD / Analog LPR Camera

4K LPR License Plate Camera from Optiview

4K IP / Network
7-35mm Varifocal Lens
Black & White “Negative Image”
IP LRP Camera

LPRIP2M-ANPR-NCV - Product Thumbnail

2MP / 1080P IP Camera
4.7-47mm Varifocal Lens
13 – 39ft Capture Range
Max Speeds of 55mph
Supports Database

LPRIP2M-ANPR - Product Thumbnail

2 Megapixel IP
10-50mm Varifocal Lens
26 – 98ft Capture Range
Max Speed of 37mph
Supports Database 

1080P Network LPR License Plate Camera

2 Megapixel IP / Network
5-50mm Varifocal Lens
Full Color with White Light
IP LPR Camera


What is LPR?

Definition: LPR (License Plate Recognition) also known as character recognition.


Optiview offers LPR cameras that are capable of recording at high enough frame rates and shutter speeds to cleanly capture license plate cameras in live view and playback, as well as true ANPR license plate cameras which add license plate tags to a database onboard an NVR.


Optiview also offers software solutions, using special analytics software for more advanced license plate capture with platforms such as Digifort.



Ideal for Gated Entrances, Parking Garages, and Corralled (confined) entrances

A perfect environment for License Plate Recognition consists of good lighting, slower traffic, and being able to mount the camera within 15-25’ of the vehicle. This set-up could easily put you into one of Optiview’s entry level solutions. Since the vehicles are both moving slower and located closer to where the camera is mounted we don’t have to worry as much about specific technical details such as shutter speeds of the cameras or high intensity LED’s for long range infrared (night vision). If the jobsite has ample lighting we expect the camera to stay in full color. In the case that it does get dark, IR (infrared) is required for night vision.

Jobsite Considerations:
  • Are the vehicles traveling at speeds under 25mph
  • Are you within 15-25 feet of the license plate
  • Are you at a less than 45° angle from the license plate from where the camera is mounted? This is important that we are receiving the infrared reflection from the license plate and that it’s not reflecting elsewhere but feeding back to the camera.

If you answered YES to the above three questions a high quality long range LPR camera from Optiview may be able to handle this workload using traditional full color, or negative image LPR cameras. These license plate cameras can be paired with a plug and play DVR or NVR as it is video storage only. These are available in both IP and Coax technologies; Contact an Account Manager to learn which model works best for you by calling (904) 805-1581 or emailing sales@optiviewusa.com.

Infinity Scroll - LPR - License Plate Recognition

Level 2

Faster Rates of Speed

Locations: Faster moving traffic or multi-lane

In this environment we need a camera that can perform with a higher shutter speed that can be adjusted. We will also need a camera with a higher intensity LED’s for higher quality night vision; this will give us a larger amount of feedback from the license plate.

Both the higher shutter speed combined with higher intensity LED’s (infrared) allow light to reflect off the license plate and feed the recorder back the negative image of the characters on the tag. LPR specific cameras are typically going to have a much higher shutter speed than standard surveillance cameras which means that we can capture the license plate moving at a higher rate of speed.

Due to the higher technology built into this type and level of camera it is important to make sure your DVR/NVR can perform and keep up with the capture rate (frames per second / pictures per second) and resolution. Your DVR will be the tool you use to play the video back from an event and go frame by frame to read the characters on the license plate. Since this camera will only display in Black and White (showing a negative of the license plate) most customers will install a secondary surveillance camera that records in color and has a wide angle view. That way you have one camera working to retrieve color and description of the vehicle and occupants, and the license plate camera solely for capturing the license plate data.


Adding Analytics for ANPR

For searching Tags and Capturing Data

This approach takes everything that we discussed in Level 2 and adds LPR Software. Optiview’s LPR software can be Linux Based on our AI servers or can be standalone PC based using a third party LPR program. It is always best to discuss your individual needs with an Optiview Account Manager in order to determine which solution is best for you or your customer.

Analytics software for LPR cameras will take the live video image of the license plate and convert it to text that then becomes searchable data. This data can then be set up for future alerts, notification, or actions. Our software will allow you to type in a complete or partial tag number and the software will find any video events that match the query.

Example: You type in Tag # ABC 123 in the search query. A list of video events where Tag # ABC 123 appear. You can now click on any of those events and view the video footage of that event as they passed through.

ANPR Analytics License Plate Capture Example 1

In most cases our customers will use this search feature to find a general times list of when a vehicle comes and goes. They then use this data to play back video from other cameras in that area to get a more complete view of the situation.