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Optiview offers a wide variety of 4K Ultra HD network video recorders (NVR’s), from basic models, to PoE embedded NVR’s to full NVR Servers. Our professional NVR’s can handle anywhere from 720P (1.0 Megapixel) IP network cameras to 12 Megapixel / 4K Ultra HD IP network cameras with ease. Access your 4K NVR’s anywhere using the free Optiview VMS or mobile app. The Optiview VMS will manage up to 256 devices (IP cameras or individual NVR’s) for a total of up to 2048 channels.

Professional grade network video recorders for CCTV

All 4K Ultra HD network video recorders from Optiview come with basic built in features such as Motion Detection and Smart Search. More advanced network video recorders include either light or advanced analytics such as heat mapping, facial detection, people counting, tripwire, perimeter protection, and more.

Now, with the advent of H.265+ compression, each 4K NVR can store up to 50% more recorded footage. All of the network video recorders from Optiview can be filled with the highest quality surveillance drives (up to 10 TB (Terabytes) each) for maximum record times.

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