Hurricane Disaster Recovery

As Optiview stares down at another inbound hurricane many of us have memories of no power, lack of infrastructure, and the lack of security we have after major weather events. It leaves us in a vulnerable and at times in a desperate state. Law enforcement may be stretched thin, and infrastructure failures can make getting help take longer or they may not be able to connect and receive your call at all. Catastrophic weather events in prior years have always required our integrators to reach out to discuss solar capabilities whether it’s pole mount surveillance solutions, mobile push carts that can be trailered in and set up temporarily, or our largest platform solar trailer with over 1000 watts of solar power and optional generator back up.
Optiview builds custom solutions on the ArmorLogix Solar smart platform that can be used for surveillance, lighting, and communications, and offers back up power to bring you back to normalcy quickly after a weather disaster. Optiview’s trailers can be built to suit here at our 25,000 sf facility or can be sold as a fully enabled platform for you and your team to take over and finish adding the solution. It is ideal to have these trailers in your possession before the storms hit - last year it took 2 weeks post-Hurricane Michael before we could deploy into specific areas that needed the platforms the most.

Push or Park Platforms

Our solar powered push cart can be outfitted with a single 200AH battery or two 200AH batteries. This platform is also used for lighting and surveillance. Our high powered 30 watt LED light allows teams to work around the clock and accomplish the task at hand. The cart charges even under cloud cover and when the sun returns, full charging happens quickly through state of the art high-efficiency MPPT controllers. All carts are delivered off the truck with a full charge to begin running immediately. Aside from being a lighting cart, we have cellular connectivity modems that can be added as well as cameras and notification sensors.
Our DOT approved solar powered surveillance trailers are outfitted with a battery bank consisting of six 150AH batteries and over 1000W of solar power. A backup generator can also be installed as an option for times that cloud coverage is still an issue. This platform is more commonly used for surveillance and communications (cellular, radios, etc.). As the weather clears the trailer immediately switches back to solar power, allowing the generator to go back into "reserve" mode. All trailers are delivered off the truck with a full charge to begin running immediately.

Pole Mounted Solutions

Pole mounted solutions are the most affordable and can mount to something as simple as a 4x4 wooden post. These systems consist of an aluminum enclosure, battery reserve, and one to six solar panels. These systems are custom built to fit the requirements of the customer so again it’s important to plan ahead of the storm and know what you may want to power post storm, be it solar or hard wired with 110V.
Call us today and discuss opportunities to buy (or finance) or rent one of our solar platform solutions. If you are an integrator, you may consider purchasing a fleet of our solar powered surveillance solutions to rent out to your market. Rental customers turn into longer term customers as our solar solutions all integrate back to our much larger offering of HD and IP Surveillance Cameras, Access Control, Analytics, and Wireless.