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Tips for Your Video Surveillance System

Optiview’s powerful video management software allows clients to monitor a live view of their remote security cameras when they are off-site. The on-site DVRs and NVRs can be set up to send alerts to you, the user, when activity is present that allows the user to log-in to live-stream their surveillance system. Equally as important, the remote monitoring software allows Clients to remotely access recorded video and playback without having to be present where the system is located. Now more than ever, the ability to monitor your residential or commercial sites without being physically present is a huge benefit of Optiview’s video management software platforms.

What are the key features of remote monitoring?


There are two distinct and powerful features to Optiview’s remote monitoring platform.  The first relates to the smart features built into Optiview’s cameras and recorders.  This allows the camera system to automatically record under pre-set circumstances or triggers.  The software then notifies you through text (SMS) or email and allows you to “remote in” and live view what is happening.  These areas are user definable so that disturbances in non-critical areas (for example, the sidewalk outside a store) will not send false positives.  For more advanced motion detection, use one of our Intelligent series recorders with ID+ (intelligent motion detection plus).



INTELLIGENT DVRS (coming soon)

Intelligent Motion Detection Plus

Optiview’s VMX and legacy VMS remote monitoring software platforms enable users to view video in real-time on a smart device, PC or laptop from any place on the Globe with internet access. Behind the scenes your Optiview Dealer or technician will assist you with configuring your DVR or NVR DDNS and port-forwarding (or P2P) settings to allow you to connect your surveillance devices to the internet. Once configured, your remote DVRs, NVRs, weatherproof recorders, or edge based recording systems can be viewed online through either a web browser (compatible with the most widely used web browsers), or through one of Optiview’s remote monitoring software platforms.

VMX PTZ Control - SmartID+

Real Time Camera Adjustments


Users are able to remotely access the on screen display menu (OSD) to manipulate the individual camera settings. Users are also able to remotely zoom supported motorized varifocal cameras, and manipulate PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom) cameras in real time from your PC, laptop, or smart device from anywhere in the world, as long as there is internet connectivity.


This feature allows the user to be free from needing to be on-site, or from needing a dedicated person on the ground, in order to view or manage each of the security cameras. The Optiview VMX allows for users to view up to 64 cameras live at any given time. This convenience can cut down on on-site manpower costs and provides extreme convenience for the user remaining off-site.



View cameras live without needing to be on-site. Access remotely from anywhere with Optiview's Mobile App, VMX, or VMS platforms.


Access recorded video 24/7 from your recorder or edge based recording on compatible IP cameras. Back-up video to your local device when events occur.


Get notifications pushed to you through SMS (text) and view events live or in playback from the Optiview Mobile App, VMX-M.


Get custom notifications sent to your email so you know when events may have occurred that need to be reviewed.


Optiview's Remote Viewing software supports heat map, people counting, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) license plate capture, attendance and access control reporting.


Add multiple DVRs and NVRs from multiple sites with ease. Create custom views to watch cameras live or in playback from multiple locations.

How to set up Remote Site monitoring


DDNS, port forwarding, and P2P give the user multiple ways to allow you to monitor your video surveillance cameras from a remote device like a PC or smartphone.


DDNS: Optiview’s VMS/VMX allows you to configure your security cameras to push notifications either by email or text alerts to your smart device.


Port-Forwarding: When you purchase your Optiview surveillance system, you’re at first limited to viewing your cameras locally, meaning you can only access them through a local area network. Port-forwarding unlocks remote viewing and sends network information from your camera(s) onto the internet for your viewing or instructions. The dealer from whom you purchased your Optiview system can assist in setting up your network router for port-forwarding and obtain an IP address to connect to your video surveillance cameras. Optiview’s VMS/VMX secures your data when accessed over the internet through password protection.


P2P: Enabling P2P functionality provides a simple way to connect your Optiview DVR or NVR to one of Optiview’s remote monitoring software platforms.



Greatly expand your reach by enabling remote monitoring on your surveillance system.  Remote monitoring provides real-time access to your live camera view so you can check up on your site anytime and from anywhere. To learn more about the benefits of remote monitoring call Optiview today at 904 805 1581, Option 1. Our technical sales team will assist you to take advantage of remote surveillance for your home or business.

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