HD & IP Camera Brackets

Optiview carries a wide variety of camera surveillance mounting brackets, such as junction boxes, pendant, wall mounts, and corners. We have a camera bracket for all types of surveillance cameras as well, including armor ball (turret) cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras, and PTZ speed dome cameras. Without the right mounting bracket, your security camera may not have the proper angle for best video capture, so important footage may be missed or unusable. The use of junction boxes or wall mount brackets also provides additional security against vandalism by protecting the camera cables. All security camera mounts are manufactured using professional grade, powder coated aluminum to ensure longevity when installed either indoors or outdoors.


Use the compatibility charts below to learn which brackets will match which cameras. If you do not see the camera model, or bracket type you are looking for, contact an Optiview Account Manager today and our experienced team will be sure to get you what you need to get the job done.

Mounting Brackets for Surveillance Cameras

Security Camera Bracket Styles

Wall Mounting Bracket for Optiview IP and CVI surveillance cameras


A wall mount bracket allows for the mounting of select dome security cameras (turret / armor ball / eyeball / armor ball / vandal dome) to a wall or other vertical surface such as a square column or flat surface. These wall mount brackets allow for the camera to be installed at distances further away from the wall in order to provide the best angle for capturing video.

Example: Armor Dome camera with wall mount bracket.

Optional junction box bracket for Optiview NDAA compliant turret surveillance cameras

Junction Box

Aluminum constructed junction box for use with Optiview’s cameras area ideal for installations where you need to conceal and protect the camera’s pigtails, cables, and connectors from the elements, or connect to conduit for cable management. Junction boxes for surveillance cameras come in both round and square orientations, and can be used to mount security cameras to walls or ceilings. Optiview’s junction boxes can also be used with various dome style cameras (armor ball / turret / eyeball) or bullet cameras.

Junction box for fixed network and coax armor ball security cameras

Example: Armor Ball (turret) camera with square junction box.

Ceiling or Pendent style bracket for IP / Network and HD-over-Coax PTZ cameras

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mount brackets, also called pendant brackets, convert our PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras from a wall mount installation to a ceiling installation. Ceiling mount brackets are typically used indoors where the user wants full be able to view 360° of coverage. These can also be paired with fisheye cameras (using a compatible umbrella shield) and some dome cameras (paired with a compatible junction box bracket). These types of installations are commonly found in warehouses, grocery stores, storage facilities, churches, and sports facilities.

Example: Pendant bracket paired with umbrella.


Corner Mount

Optiview’s corner mount brackets are typically paired with indoor or outdoor PTZ cameras, where the user wants to be able to view 285° of coverage. These are usually found on the outside corners of buildings, or on inside corners of large, open warehouses, aircraft hangars, or other large storage areas. The corner mount cameras can be paired with other mounting brackets, as seen in the example on the right.

HD and IP PTZ Bracket Combinations

Example: PTZ mounting compatibility tree.

Optional gooseneck wall mount bracket for Optiview NDAA PTZ camera

Gooseneck Brackets

Gooseneck brackets are another type of wall mount bracket that are typically used with PTZ cameras (many come with this included), but can also be paired with an umbrella bracket to mount to a vandal proof armor dome camera. These allow for PTZ’s and for armor dome cameras to be mounted further away from the wall to make maximum use of viewing angles or zooming.

Weatherproof Surveillance with PTZ

Example: PTZ with included gooseneck bracket mounted to Optiview weatherproof recording system.

HD PTZ Pole Mount Bracket

Pole Mount

A pole mount bracket allows for the mounting of select security cameras (typically a PTZ camera) to a pole, which could be in a horizontal or vertical orientation. The pole mount bracket is compatible with a number of other brackets, to allow for a wide variety of camera installations.

HD and IP PTZ Bracket Combinations

Example: PTZ mounting compatibility tree.