If you own or manage a gym or fitness center then you likely understand the importance of a proper commercial security system.

From keeping your members safe by logging entrance and exit traffic and acting fast in emergency situations, every gym should have a robust security system that includes both 24 hour gym security cameras and access control.


Comprehensive gym security all starts with high-quality security cameras. Whether these are located just outside the front door or in difficult places to see inside the property, surveillance cameras for gyms and fitness centers are a must-have. Where they are placed and how many cameras are utilized will largely depend on the layout of the individual facility.


Surveillance systems are not just in place to protect valuable equipment, but also the members that use them. Owners want to provide a safe and secure environment for their members and protect them from predators or locker room thieves. Having high-quality security cameras and adequate recording times are especially important for 24-hour facilities which may have minimal staff during nighttime hours. Video surveillance helps keep an extra set of eyes around the gym which makes it a safer place for everyone.


If you own or manage a gym, you know exercise machines are not cheap. Gym owners have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment within the confines of their walls. With such valuable equipment being so heavily used on a daily basis it is important to have a quality surveillance system in place to monitor proper usage and identify misuse, such as dropping weights. Visible surveillance cameras keep people honest; knowing they are being watched may cause members to think twice before mistreating the equipment.


Optiview offers multiple solutions that include either utilizing your existing surveillance (typically coax) infrastructure and upgrading your outdated lower resolution (analog 700TVL or 1000TVL) cameras to 1080P or 4K HD (like your HDTV at home). The good news is that most of the costs are already taken care of if you have an existing system in place. We offer a plug and play HD system that doesn’t require you to switch to an IP based platform. This new technology also offers faster video speeds, no network latency, and still gives you all of the benefits such as remote viewing from a PC or Mac, smartphone devices, and even tablets. Most importantly, our DVRs will absorb existing cameras such as your JVC c-mount cameras, Geovision and other Analog or HD cameras that may already be in place. This allows you to upgrade and expand in stages, as budgets allow.

Protecting your fitness center or gym from liability


In addition to your patrons, you need to manage your own liability. We live in a world where cameras are used more and more for protecting both the gym and personal trainers from liability claims and from false incident claims. There are hours and hours of gym “fail” videos that can be seen on YouTube or Facebook of people making dumb decisions at the gym. What we don’t see, is what happens afterward. Now, just imagine that someone’s poor choice or misuse of equipment results in a liability lawsuit for you, the owner. This is where not only having surveillance video comes into play, but where having usable High Definition video is key to providing evidence that you need not to be held liable for the incident.

As a nationwide CCTV provider, Optiview’s certified technicians assist the end-user (in real-time, from here in Jacksonville, Florida, in native English) in retrieving video for the police, court cases, and law firms. A comment we receive often from police and lawyers is that, unlike other CCTV vendors, Optiview surveillance systems offer the clearest video they have ever seen and often catches the critical moments with perfect clarity. Optiview’s surveillance systems are feature packed with real-time frame rates (30fps), events (motion triggers) and more which enables the system to capture an event in full. Your business is only as protected as your system allows.


Remote Viewing Software

Optiview’s surveillance recorders come with a free, downloadable remote viewing software (VMS) that is license free and allows you to connect to each gym individually or set up a corporate viewing center that can view up to 256 cameras over 4 monitors. This powerful software will also allow you to create groups for monitoring your locations in a realistic way (watching all entrances / a combination of lobbies and parking lots / childcare rooms / etc.).

For example: Using our VMS, you can either connect to just one location, or we can create a group that says you want to see the customer service counter at each location with just the click of a button.


This customizability allows you to quickly manage your locations and see what you need to see instead of fumbling around with hundreds of cameras. This means we could essentially set up groups that would be able to manage each location individually or have a master group of all of your cameras if you average around 16 cameras per location.


We are right here in your backyard, located just minutes from downtown Jacksonville, Florida. As a nationwide CCTV provider, our office includes a tech support center, and experienced Account Managers who can assist with system design, provide virtual or on-site walk-throughs and product demonstrations. This means your equipment will be supported here, in the US, and all warranty or tech support needs will also be managed right here in Jacksonville.

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