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Fisheye and Panoramic Security Cameras
180° and 360° Video Surveillance

Optiview’s 360° and 180° panoramic security cameras are capable of viewing the world in both a full 360° view or 180° view. Choose between a Single-Sensor or Multi-Sensor, 4MP, 5MP or 12MP 4K fisheye / panoramic CCTV cameras depending on your specific needs. All of Optiview’spanoramic cameras come equipped with IR, are IP67 weatherproof, and some are IK10 vandal-proof. These panoramic security cameras can be installed on a desktop, wall, or ceiling, and Optiview carries brackets and junction boxes to ensure that installation is easy.

180° Technology

180° Panoramic Cameras

Single and Multi-Sensor Panoramic

Optiview’s 180 degree panoramic surveillance cameras surpass the view of traditional security cameras, ensuring comprehensive monitoring. Coming in both single and multi sensors, Optiview’s cameras provide a seamless ultra-wide view delivering superior coverage and versatility.

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360° Technology

360° Fisheye Cameras

Single Sensor Fisheye

Optiview’s 360 degree fisheye security camera solutions provide an unparalleled surveillance coverage without compromising image quality. Single sensor, multiple configurations, these cameras are extremely versatile and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

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Comparison Images

Comparing the IP5MIAB-180-NCV and the IP5MIBC-180-NCV vs a traditional camera.

Optiview IP5MIAB-180-NCV Product Thumbnail 225x225
IP5MIAB-180-NCV – 5MP 180° Panoramic IP Armor Ball Camera w/ Analytics

5MP IP Armor Ball
180° Panoramic
Perimeter Protection
IP67 & IK10

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Optiview IP5MIBC-180-NCV Product Thumbnail 225x225
IP5MIBC-180-NCV – 5MP 180° Panoramic IP Bullet Camera w/ Analytics

5MP IP Bullet
180° Panoramic
Perimeter Protection

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360° Camera Before Fisheye Dewarp

VMSN Fisheye Dewarp in Optiview Lobby

360° Camera After Fisheye Dewarp

VMSN Fisheye Dewarp in Optiview Lobby - 8 Way Split
Optiviews IP8F-NCV Product Thumbnail

12MP 4K IP
Heat Map
Perimeter Protection
Built-In Audio

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IP6FI - Thumbnail - 360° Fisheye IP Camera with Optional Memory Card Slot

6 Megapixel IP
IP67 & IK10 Vandalproof
33ft IR
360° Fisheye Lens

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The Benefits

of Panoramic and Fisheye Cameras

Optiview NCV Series VMSN Dewarp Interface

Ultra-wide 360° fisheye cameras panoramic cameras provide expansive surveillance coverage which allows the user to both monitor large areas in real time (like warehouses and retail stores) and in playback. Pair with Dewarp for closer views on suspicious activities or events.


Cover a massive area of space without needing to install separate surveillance cameras pointing at different spots to get the same coverage. This means that you only need to run infrastructure for one camera, not 4!


Their low profile makes these cameras easy to both install and set up in the blink of an eye. An IP66 or IP67 weatherproof rating means that it’s protected from the elements, and IK10 vandal resistance means that they are rugged and designed to withstand direct blows without interfering with the operations of the camera.

IP6F - Installed on the Ceiling
Optiview IP12F - 360° Fisheye Image in the Optiview Lobby

360° Fisheye with heat mapping helps by providing reporting for the number of pixels that have changed the most, which typically translates to where people are moving the most. Commonly found in retail areas. Only compatible with select models.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Panoramic and Fisheye Cameras

What is a Panoramic Camera?

A Specialty Camera that captures an extreme wide angle field of view which is not possible through regular cameras which typically have a horizontal field of view between 90° and 120°. The panoramic image can be produced through both single and multiple sensor cameras.

What is a Fisheye Camera?

A Specialty Camera that captures an ultra wide 360° field of view. The wide perspective can create a distinct distortion effect, resulting in a curved or spherical image, however due Dewarping technology it’s possible to counteract that distortion.

Why Use a Panoramic Camera?

Panoramic cameras can be a cost effective solution to needing the ability to monitor areas with fewer cameras due to a broader field of view. With the extended coverage of a 180° camera, installations can be simplified all while reducing blind spots which is helpful when monitoring large areas.

Why Use a Fisheye Camera?

360° fisheye cameras offer comprehensive coverage and eliminate blind spots. Due to being able to install fisheye security cameras  in multiple configurations, it offers the same benefits of 180 degree cameras such as simple installation, being cost effective and reducing the amount of cameras needed for complete coverage. The wide angle of a fisheye surveillance camera provides additional visual information which enhances situational awareness.

Uses for Panoramic Camera - Parking Lot, Stadiums
Where to Use Panoramic Cameras?

Hallways, doorways and entrances are great locations to utilize the wide-angle lens of a panoramic camera because it can provide coverage of foot traffic entering, exiting or moving throughout buildings.

By taking advantage of the panoramic cameras wide angle field of view in Retail Stores, you can monitor areas such as sales floors, aisles and more which can assist in asset protection and loss prevention.

180 degree panoramic cameras can be strategically placed at ATM areas to assist in deterring criminal activities and provide evidence for instances in which incidents occur.

When placed in smaller to medium sized rooms such as offices, 180° view cameras can reduce the amount of cameras needed and cover the entire space.

180° Panoramic cameras are also well suited for outdoor use.

Uses for 360 Fisheye - Retail Store, Supermarket
Where to Use Fisheye Cameras?

Large open spaces are ideal areas to utilize the extensive viewing angle of a 360° fisheye such as stadiums, arenas, and public squares. Areas of heavy foot traffic like tourist attractions and theme parks  

A 360 degree camera could be utilized near POS in retail spaces as well as restaurants to monitor employee and customer interactions for example being able to monitor cashiers as well as the lobby of fast food restaurants simultaneously.

Locations where comprehensive coverage and situational awareness are crucial such as borders, military installations and high security facilities are exemplary ways to take advantage of the all-encompassing views of 360 fisheye security cameras. Warehouses, power plants and transportation hubs such as train stations and airports are ideal for 360 surveillance.

Where to Mount Panoramic Cameras?

Panoramic cameras are suited to be mounted on walls and ceilings.

Where to Mount Fisheye Cameras?

Fisheye cameras can be mounted on ceilings, walls, pendants and countertops.


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