Protect your personnel and your product with high definition surveillance solutions from Optiview. Optiview’s video solutions increase manufacturing productivity by minimizing the impact of system upsets and production downtime, and improving operator performance. Our network and coax-based surveillance video solutions also provide live viewing of hard-to-reach, hard-to-see, and dangerous areas making it possible to pinpoint process-related anomalies early (such as thermal changes).

Custom Surveillance Solutions

When designed and installed properly, surveillance solutions from Optiview will handle extreme temperatures and humidity, dusty environments, poor lighting conditions, and vibrating or moving installation sites. Get custom-designed solutions for your specific facility based on your specific needs. Our knowledgeable, in-house sales and technical support staff can perform virtual or on-site walk through’s with you, learn about any existing infrastructure already in place and create tiered designs based on your budget.

Optiview recorded video routinely supports corporate users in product liability, OSHA, MSHA, EPA investigations, worker’s comp, slip and fall liability.


Optiview’s VMS, edge analytic cameras, advanced analytic servers and recorders are helping one of the largest pre-cast concrete manufacturers to ensure best practices throughout their 80 facilities. Various plants perform similar operations but over time, local staff develop different methods of completing identical tasks. At times, these represent an advancement and at times a breach of dictated procedures. The customer wished to capture best practices and share the learning across the company and to develop those not adhering to important aspects of the process. In order to “have eyes” on all aspects of operations across multiple plants throughout the United States, our customer opted to deploy a vast, networked, enterprise scale system that allowed it observe operations across its plants. Complicating this task was the fact that its cast concrete parts are constantly misted to assist in curing, presenting challenges to lense visibility. Optiview optics overcame this both through cutting edge image assistance technologies. Further complicating matters, massive industrial conveyors created vibrations that caused image chopiness. Providing a steady close-up view in a factory environment can be difficult because small vibrations in the plant are amplified when the lens is zoomed in. The images can become jumpy and of no value. Optiview supplies “image stabilized” cameras for this application that electronically remove choppiness from the frame.


One of the biggest benefits about surveillance and security equipment from Optiview is it’s scale-ability. Due to the fact that we use a single platform, all items “see” each other and integrate seamlessly. This also means that larger projects can be broken down into Phases for budgetary reasons and long term planning.

Large facilities can be upgraded in phases using a combination of 5-Way recorders (records Analog/HD-CVI/TVI/AHD/IP) This allows you to absorb existing surveillance systems while adding new high definition cameras. Optiview offers 1080P, 4 Megapixel and 4K / 8 Megapixel HD-over-Coax cameras as well as 2 Megapixel, 4 Megapixel and 4K / 12 Megapixel IP cameras. Multiple buildings can be connected by using wireless access points and/or fiber modems.


Prevent Theft

Cut costs on the loss of raw materials. If you are missing inventory or experience a theft you can use our Smart Search feature to find out when the event occurred and identify the perpetrator.

Workplace Safety

Monitor heavy or dangerous machinery to observe employee safety protocols. Review the recording in resolutions up to 4K to identify false claims (slip and fall) or legitimate events.

Plug and Play

Whether you decide to use existing coaxial infrastructure or IP / Networking, our HD-over-Coax and IP cameras are “plug-and-play”. Simply plug the coax into the back of one of our HD DVRs for instant recording. The network cameras are also easily installed and programmed.

Remote Monitoring

Optiview provides a free video management software (VMS) that can be installed on either a PC or Mac desktop computer. Optiview also offers free mobile apps through the iTunes and Play stores.

All recorders by Optiview offer a true 1080P live view. Single site or Multi-site Remote Viewing is also possible via the free Optiview VMS on a desktop computer or free Mobile Apps.

All recorders by Optiview offer a true 1080P live view. Single site or Multi-site Remote Viewing is also possible via the free Optiview VMS on a desktop computer or free Mobile Apps.