Ensure that the network is safe. Use firewall, routers and/or modem with built-in router function. Do not open virtual ports if they are not needed. If possible, change the default port number use for the IP device into another port number. For example, instead of using 37777 and 80 for your DVR, use 57777 (client) and 90 (web port).


Do not use the default password as login password, do not use a simple password, do not tell password to others. It will be best to change the password regularly. DVR password is 6 characters long. You can use a combination of letters and number (lower case or upper case letters).

MAKE SURE YOU DON’T FORGET THE PASSWORD. Send yourself an email with the DVR password so you can retrieve it anytime, anywhere in case you forgot the password. It can take up to 2-3 days for us to retrieve or reset your forgotten password.


If you feel like your network security has been compromised:

There are several ways to restore a surveillance DVR or NVR if it has been compromised or “hacked”. Below you will find a General step-by-step solution. For a more detailed Guide from our Tech Department, follow this link: DVR/NVR System Restore Guide.

IMPORTANT! Before starting any steps on a system that has been hacked, unplug the network cable from the DVR/NVR.

General System Restore Guide

Update your passwords immediately! If you are “locked out” of your DVR or NVR, perform a hard reboot by manually turning the recorder off and then back on. If you are unable to log into the machine, call our Tech Department here at Optiview and we can provide a password reset. Keep in mind you will be required to provide proof of ownership.

In addition to updating your passwords, change the port number(s) to a unique 4 digit number.

In some cases we have seen, all the cameras have been “blacked out” and the camera names changed to “hacked 1”, “hacked 2”, etc. If that is the case, follow the steps below to reset your cameras to their default mode. Additional tweaks may be required via the individual camera OSD menu.

Restoring Defaults

  1. Right click your mouse in the live view to go to the Main Menu.
  2. Select “System” under the “Settings” section.
  3. Go to “Default” screen using the navigation on the left side of the screen.
  4. Un-check “Network” and “System”.
  5. Click “Apply” and “Save”.

Updating Camera Names

If you need to change your camera names from their default of “Cam 1”, “Cam 2”, etc. go to the “Camera” tab in the same screen and then down to “Cam Name”. After each camera name change, you must click “Apply” and “Save”.

Resetting your DVR / NVR via the Web Browser:

Download the full DVR/NVR System Restore Guide or follow the steps listed below.


  1. Open Internet Explorer and enter the network address of your DVR.
  2. Set camera settings to “Default” using the steps below. IMPORTANT! Do not click the “Factory Reset” button. Follow these steps to letter; This will restore the live camera view and remove the camera name “Hacked” from the live screen.
    • Go to the “Setup” tab (top level navigation).
    • In the menu on the left of the screen, click the “Default” menu option.
    • Uncheck all settings EXCEPT “Camera”.
    • Click “Default” button (not “Factory Default”).
  3. Go to the “Account” menu (left side of the screen). Modify the user account information such as password or creating new user account names and passwords.
  4. Go to the “Connection” menu to modify the default port numbers used by the DVR/NVR system. You need to be at the site when changing these ports numbers so you can still able to access the configuration menu of the system. Visit page 6 of the DVR/NVR System Restore Guide for example illustrations.