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What is Edge Recording?

Edge-based recording is a set-up that allows the user to record video files directly to your memory card instead of an NVR, which reduces installation and hardware costs.

How Edge Recording Works

Saving video files captured by an IP network camera directly to an installed micro SD card allows the footage to be saved on the “edge” of the security system as opposed to being saved to a centralized location, such as an NVR on the network. While the storage space is less when compared to multiple terabytes of storage that are available with network video recorders, there are many features and settings which allow for longer periods of video retention.

Smarter Video Compression

Cutting edge IP network security cameras are now capable of H.265 and H.265+ video compression which enables more information to be saved and packaged into smaller bits of memory.

Automatic Network Replenishment

Event Recording

If the user sets the video camera up to record constantly, then the memory will be eaten up quickly and written over in a matter of hours or days. If, however, the user sets the network camera up to record only during events, triggered by motion or pre-set alarms, then the cameras can store video for up to several weeks depending on the environment it is set up in.

Smart Motion Detection

One of the latest developments is the introduction of IP network cameras with Smart Motion Detect capabilities (SMD) which reduces the amount of false triggers from leaves rustling, to the sun going behind a cloud, to the wind blowing something across the yard.

How Edge Recording Can Help You

Edge recording provides a cost-effective surveillance video storage system for smaller security systems. In addition to that, it provides flexibility, such as providing a backup video storage method in case the network goes down and connects to the central NVR is lost. Recording on the edge also allows for independent fixed or mobile surveillance systems to record in areas where a network connection is not readily available, such as a construction site, marina, parking facilities, and other remote areas.


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