Dock Surveillance Solutions

Boat Dock Security & Surveillance Solutions

Recently we have seen an increase in the need for dock surveillance systems, with more users saying they are being burglarized or their docks are being trespassed upon. Optiview is proud to provide compact, easy to install surveillance solutions for boat owners, dock fishers, and anyone who stores their equipment on a dock. A typical project with a dock could either have a Dock Surveillance System transmitting wireless up to the home, or be a combination Home Surveillance System that shows the cameras at the house as well as the dock cameras.

How it works:


  1. Install weatherproof recording system on the dock. Surveillance can be recorded on the edge, or on a DVR or NVR.
  2. Install a wireless bridge on the dock that connects back to the main house and connect it to the network.
  3. Install the Optiview Mobile App on your Android or iPhone and view your boats, jet ski’s, and dock boxes from anywhere.

Compact Weatherproof Surveillance

Optiview has designed several compact surveillance solutions using a 12 x 12 x 11″ NEMA 3 weatherproof aluminum enclosure and outdoor rated weatherproof IP cameras with edge recording, recording right to the camera and Micro SD cards. Install these weatherproof cameras on your dock with up to 256GB micro SD cards installed in them, set your recording parameters (motion detect, schedules, etc.), and get up to 2 weeks of recording. These systems can be powered off of low voltage, 110V, or solar power. To access the video from anywhere, pair your cameras with one of our weatherproof SmartPlatforms with LAN, WAN, or Cellular and access anytime with the Optiview VMS or Mobile App.

Up to 30 Days of Video

For a more robust dock surveillance solution, install a weatherproof DVR or NVR at the dock, with up to 16 x 4K high definition cameras. Each weatherproof DVR or NVR comes with an automatic thermostat/fan for temperature control, and can be accessed via a wireless bridge, cellular modem, or LAN.


Speak to an Optiview Account Manager about what your layout is and what your needs are so we can design the ideal dock surveillance system with the analytics that you are looking for.


Camera Supported Analytics

Optiview carries a full line of outdoor weatherproof IP cameras with built-in analytic features, such as perimeter protection, facial detection, heat mapping, people counting, missing or abandoned, and more. Use a camera with a micro SD card and no NVR is required.


Recorder Supported Analytics

All of our HD-over-Coax cameras and more basic IP cameras require either a DVR or NVR to record video footage, and for analytics to be enabled. Optiview’s DVRs support analytics such as tripwire, intrusion, missing and abandoned, and face detection. The weatherproof NVR supports tripwire, intrusion, missing or abandoned, heat map, people counting and face detection.

Remotely Access Dock Video Surveillance from Anywhere

Remote Video Surveillance


The powerful, simple to use Optiview VMS allows for single system viewing, such as a dock surveillance system, or multiple systems to be viewed at one time such as the home surveillance and dock surveillance systems simultaneously. Systems can also be viewed from the free Optiview Mobile App.

Featured Pre-Built Weatherproof Surveillance Solutions


2 x IP Cameras
with Edge Recording


3 x IP Cameras
with Edge Recording

8 Channel 8 Megapixel Weatherproof NVR Solution


8 x IP Cameras
Up to 30 Days Recording

16 channel 4K weatherproof recording solution


16 x HD Cameras
Up to 30 days Recording


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How to Power your Dock Surveillance System

There are many ways the user is able to provide power for their new dock surveillance system. If the dock already has power, such as to power a boat lift, then it is simply a matter of connecting to that power, whether it is low voltage or 110V. If there is no power available, then smaller systems can be installed that run off of the power of the sun.


Simpler systems consist of 1 – 4 outdoor IP cameras with edge recording capabilities, while more robust systems that contain a weatherproof DVR or NVR will require constant low voltage or 110V power sources.

Contact an Optiview Account Manager to discuss your needs, and find out what kind of power is recommended.

Low Voltage Power for Dock Surveillance Solutions

Able to be powered by low voltage, negating the need for trenching 110V or pulling permits.

Solar Power for Dock Surveillance Solutions

Able to be powered by a Solar Panel and Battery build, power needs differ based on the specific installation.

110V Power for Dock Surveillance Solutions

Must be powered by 110V. Can be set up with temporary or permanent power.