Share your installs

And Optiview Will Reward You!

We know that you are proud of your work, and Optiview wants to pay you for pictures and videos of your installations! Get us pictures of your surveillance jobs and we’ll give you $10 in Optiview store credit! Send us 30-second videos of both Day & Night recordings and we will add $25! Have awesome videos of an event? You’ll get $50 in store credit! If we like your content, we will pay you for each installation you send us! Rules and conditions apply, see full details below.

Installation Photo
NDAA Camera Install - Live Shot 3
Angle from Camera
NDAA Camera Install - Shot from Camera 3
30 sec Day Time Video
30 sec Night Time Video
Q: I have some older videos I took from of some of the equipment that I installed. Can I get money off from them as well?

A: We are looking for content from newer devices. Send over the content and we will let you know if you can get credit for it!

Q: I have 5 cameras that I’ll be installing on my next job. Can I gain credit for all of these installs?

A: Absolutely! We will give you credit for EVERY camera install that you send us!

Q: My customer just sent us an event from a camera we installed a while ago will you be able to use this?

A: Send it on over and we will take a look at it and we will let you know if it qualifies!

Q: We’ve installed many different jobs over the last few months. Which ones should I send?

A: Send over all of them! We’re looking for the best of the best and we’d like your pictures and videos of Optiview’s quality products and your quality integration. Looks like you could be getting a lot of store credit!

Q: My customer has some recordings of an event that happened with an install that I had done last year. Is that okay to use?

A: Send it over and we will take a look! As long as we have the correct permissions you’re set!

Terms and conditions apply. Optiview’s Marketing team will have final approval on approving each application based on numerous factors. Quality and diversity are the two main factors in determining if your content will get credit. By sending us your content, if approved, Optiview Inc. has rights to uses any content for marketing including but not limited to: pictures, videos, sound.