Surveillance & Security Camera Systems for Your Construction Site

Day Time Construction Site Surveillance

The National Equipment Register (NER) estimates the value of construction equipment stolen each year is up to $1 billion. That estimate is for equipment only and doesn’t include tools and building materials which are often easy targets for thieves. The reason is simple: construction sites are raw and often represent the beginning of a finished area – utilities may not be in, fences may not be built and it is difficult to secure equipment.


Construction Site Surveillance overhead view - Mobile Surveillance Trailer


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Equipment is too large to practically remove and bring each day. Company’s have no choice but to leave building materials, equipment and tools on site making easy targets for theft and vandalism. Optiview’s security systems can detect an intruder, send a notification, and provide admissible evidence to prosecute criminals.

Image captured from AL3500-GS on site using IP180P

IP 180 degree panoramic construction site surveillance

Optiview’s leading-edge technology can detect faces, can monitor perimeters, see in the dark and see in the fog and rain.

  • No power, no problem – we have solar powered solutions.
  • No data infrastructure, no problem – we have cellular solutions
  • Companies can leave their construction sites knowing that they are completely covered 24/7/365 with the appropriate surveillance to ensure crisp and clean feed to any number of live viewing option.
  • Optiview’s systems can detect a criminal prior to entering a property – at that point an alert is sent and an alarm and other on-site audio can be triggered
  • Equipment can be deployed in relation to the physical characteristics of the site. Cameras can be added, subtracted or substituted. Optiview can offer access control to complement the security profile of the site. Most perpetrators will enter at night, so our services will confirm that the construction site is secured when the last employee clocks out, all from our secure video monitoring center.
  • Construction sites can be from acres to miles in size prohibiting human monitoring. Optiview’s systems are scalable and interconnect with each other to cover massive geography’s for a fraction of human monitoring.


Due to the modular and scalable system that Optiview carries, any and all of the following solutions can be combined for your specific job site.

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Job Site Safety Surveillance and Quality Control


Elevated site surveillance, quality, and safety. Deploy mobile trailers, carts or weatherproof recorders to monitor job site performance, protect from liability, and share live updates with business owners.


Surveillance Trailers for Roofing Contractors

Construction Site Safety & Security

Provide job site accountability. Prevent job site theft. Protect yourself from liability. Actively deter criminals.


Optiview offers multiple software platforms for remote viewing and analytics. All of the software platforms integrate easily and seamlessly both together and with the surveillance hardware offered by Optiview. View all of our Software solutions here.


If you have ever operated a DVR and gone through video for an investigation, you know the DVR’s and Recordings are only as good as the operators. This is why our technicians are available to train your security teams.

We are ready to partner with you and your team to create a comprehensive security solution that fits the needs of your park and your budget. Fill out the form below or call us at (904) 805-1581 today for more information and to start building your custom solution.

Mobile surveillance trailers for construction site security systems.
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