Working Smarter, Not Harder

Providing Job Site Accountability

One of the biggest complaints we hear from General Contractors and construction business owners is job-site fraud. By installing a mobile surveillance trailer, cart, or weatherproof recording system, owners and GC’s can remotely log into live video, or retrieve video playback to ensure that employees or contractors are/were working during stated hours.

Preventing Job Site Theft

Accountability and job-site integrity are a must have for any contracting business. While a roll of cable or a few shingles may not seem like much to one employee, every dollar matters in a budget, and those small items add up. The National Equipment Registry estimates the value of construction equipment stolen each year is somewhere between $300 million to $1 billion for equipment alone. This does not include the theft of materials, which is one of the biggest threats to construction companies.

Protecting yourself from Liability

According to OSHA, falls from rooftops account for 1/3rd of all fatal construction injuries going back as far as 2003. Fall Protection ( 29 CFR 1926.501 ) is one of the number one citations in safety inspections. Having a tangible record from rooftop cameras recording high definition video of all activities on your site are the perfect tool to defend against unlawful liability claims.

Rooftop surveillance and recording is available with mobile surveillance trailers and carts, as well as with weatherproof DVRs and NVRs, which can be mounted to poles or tripods for elevated surveillance.

Active Criminal Deterrence

A visible security system in place will do a lot to deter employees from grabbing a few planks for a personal project, but what about after hours thievery? Pairing lighting with surveillance provides lighting for both the surveillance system and for criminals to see that there is a surveillance system in place. Lighting your work site during the night is directly linked with preventing loss of heavy machinery as well as materials.

Solar powered, rugged mobile surveillance solutions for construction sites


Add mobile surveillance platforms to raw construction sites to watch over construction materials, equipment and tools often left on site. Optiview provides solutions for remote sites, and locations where there is no infrastructure in place for power or data.

Job Site Safety Surveillance and Quality Control


Elevated site surveillance, quality, and safety. Deploy mobile trailers, carts or weatherproof recorders to monitor job site performance, protect from liability, and share live updates with business owners.


Optiview is a proud member of the Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) and has worked within the industry for over 20 years.

NEFBA Membership Directory 2020 - Optiview Complete Building Solutions


NEFBA Membership Directory 2020 - Optiview Complete Site Surveillance


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