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Comparing Optiview Multi-Site Video Monitoring Software Platforms


Optiview VMX compared to VMS

Optiview has released a powerful new remote viewing platform that allows for a Server / Client set up, more advanced analytic features, a stronger management platform, and supports advanced analytic packages based on the users individual needs. The user is able to choose between a free VMX, and a more advanced VMX+ with additional features. The new VMX and VMX+ provide a more stable management and viewing platform for CCTV and Access Control, as well as providing many new features. Not sure which solution is right for you? Contact an Optiview Account Manager or compare the Optiview VMX and VMX+ here.


The Optiview Video Management Software (VMS 2018) is our legacy remote viewing software, and will no longer be supported going forward.

ItemsFunctionVMX / VMX+VMS
ClientWindows ClientPC Client
Mac ClientMac Client
LoginMultiple Clients Login
LAN / WAN MappingLAN / WAN Mapping
CascadeAs Subordinate
Device ManagementAuto SearchSearch in the whole network
Search in the specific IP segment
Add ManuallyAdd via IP address
Optiview Protocol
OthersImport Devices
Edit Devices
Device Configuration
Bind ResourceBind Resource
User & RoleUserBasic Users
Expire Time
Valid Time
MAC Address
PermissionDevice Permission
Device Operation Permission
Menu Permission
Storage & RecordStorageISCSI
HDD in Server
Edge Storage
Device TreeResourceDevice Tree
Display ModeIP Address
Hide the offline nodes
Live ViewResourceDevice Tree
Live ViewCustomized split view
View Playback
Snapshot Continuously
Remote record
Local record
Audio Talk
Audio in Video
Switch the Stream
Image Configuration
Video Share
Image Scale
PTZ Control
Electronic Focus
Instant Playback
IVS Rule
IVS Channel Cfg
Switch to Playback Quickly
Set Alarm Windows
Output to Video Wall Quickly
Alarm Output Control
Live View in Multiple Tabs
PlaybackPlayback TypeCenter Playback
Device Playback
Sync Playback
Single Frame Playback
Fast/Slow Playback
Continuous Snapshot
Local Record
Image Adjustment
Record Tag
Record Lock
Cut Download
Playback to the Video Wall
Drag in the Timeline
Zoom of Timeline
Smart SearchSmart Search
OthersRecord Sign in Calendar
Search Record by Time
DownloadDownload TypeDownload by time
Download by files
Download by tags
OthersDownload Format
Multiple Download Tasks
Download SmartPlayer
Event ManagementEvent LinkageLink to Record
Alarm Sound
Link to Snapshot
Link Video Popup
Link PTZ
Link Alarm Output
Link Video Wall
Link to Email
Link Doors
Alarm Flash in Emap
Event OperationHandle the Event
Event Transfer
Event Email Manually
Event Export
Event History
Video WallConfigurationOpen / Close Video Wall NO.
OperationSplit Windows
Output to Video Wall Automatically
Output to Video Wall Manually
Live View to Video Wall
Switch the Stream
Windows Lock
TourTask Tour
Time Tour
Tour in Single Windows
EmapConfigurationRaster Map
OperationRecord Playback
Live View
Initial Angle
Visual Area
Open / Close the Door
Video IntercomSIP Server2-Way Video Intercom
VT ProtocolVT Protocol
Call GroupCall Group
VDP APPCall Transfer to APP
Information ReleaseRelease the Information to VTH
Address BookAddress Book
Call LogCall Log
Access ControlBasic FunctionOpen / Close the Door
Personnel Management
Real-Time Event
One-key to Open/Close the Door
Access RightsAuthorize by Person
Authorize by Department
Authorize by Access Level
Key Door MonitorUnlock Event Video Overlay
Unlock Event Door Icon
Advanced FunctionsFirst Card Unlock
Multiple Cards Unlock
Local Anti-Passback
Inter-Door Lock
Remote Verification
LogExtract Log from Devices
Log Export
Door ConfigurationDoor Parameters
Personnel ManagementPersonnel ManagementPersonnel Management
Valid Time
Import/Export Persons
Extract Persons From Front-end Devices
AuthenticationIssue Card/FP by Devices
Issue Card /FP by USB Readers
Private Password
Issue Card In BatchIssue Card In Batch
PermissionsAuthorize Door & Door Group
AttendanceAttendance PointAccess Control as Attendance
Attendance Devices
Attendance TimezoneFixed Attendance
Flexible Attendance
Shift ManagementShift by Week
Shift by Month
Shift by Day
Shift ArrangementTemporary Shift
Department Shift
Person Shift
Attendance ReportAttendance Statistics
Card-Swiping Record List
Attendance Details
Overtime Work
Off Duty
Extract Log from Devices
Visitor ManagementRegistrationVisit Registration
Appointment Registration
AuthorizationCard Authorization
Face Authorization
Authorization Cancellation After Visit
Record SearchRecord Search
Alarm ControllerArm/DisarmArm/Disarm
Eliminate the Alarm
Alarm ControllerAlarm Subsystem
Facial RecognitionFront-end DevicesFront-end Devices
SearchSimilar Face Search
Face Search
Face Trace
HistoryHistory Search
Flow AnalysisFlow AnalysisPeople Counting
EntranceBinding Ordinary CameraBinding Ordinary Camera
Remote Open BarrierRemote Open Barrier
White ListWhite List
Record SearchRecord Search
LogLogLog Search
Log Export
System LogSystem Log
Operation LogOperation Log
Device LogDevice Log
BackupBackupBackup Automatically
Backup Manually
OthersSystem ConfigurationTime Sync to Devices
Time Sync to Server
Message Storage
PC ClientKeyboard
Quick Operation Button
Multiple Screens
GPU Decoding
LanguageInternational Languages