Commercial Surveillance Solutions

Capture Everything with Commercial Grade Surveillance Solutions

Keeping a watchful eye on your business is a high priority for business and franchise owners. The surveillance needs for commercial property are highly varied, depending on the specific industry, but the need for professional-grade equipment, remote viewing options, and ever-evolving analytic technology remains the same throughout.

Commercial Grade Surveillance Hardware

At Optiview, we offer IP67 waterproof cameras for indoor or outdoor installations, weatherproof housings for specialty c-mount cameras, IK10 vandalproof cameras and high end PTZ cameras with up to 30 times optical zoom features. We also carry a large variety of digital or network video recorders (DVRs or NVRs) with up to 4K recording over Coax or CAT5/6, weatherproof and/or lockable enclosures, and all the accessories needed for completing an installation.


Optiview offers multiple software platforms for remote viewing and analytics. All of the software platforms integrate easily and seamlessly both together and with the surveillance hardware offered by Optiview.

Professional Grade Solutions

The Optiview VMX Platform

Download the free Optiview VMX software to your desktop PC or MAC for remote viewing, anywhere in the world. With easy to use P2P functionality, simply enter the device’s serial number, user name, and password for instant access. View and control up to 2,048 cameras / devices. Set up multiple “View’s” to see all of the cameras at one location, entrances / exits for multiple locations, point-of-sale locations and more.

The Optiview Mobile App

The free Optiview Mobile App is available to download via the Google Play or iTunes stores. Set-up is easy and intuitive using P2P. View live video, record to your smart phone or tablet, search playback for events or take snapshots of live or recorded video and save them to your device.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics are available either directly on the embedded DVR or NVR (Intelligent Video Surveillance) or over a separate Server. Ranging from basic to advanced, Optiview offers analytics for tripwire, intrusion, missing or abandoned, facial recognition, heat mapping, license plate recognition, people counting, smart tracking, and more.

Commercial Grade Surveillance Products