Surge Protection for Railroad Switches

Protecting Key Rail Infrastructure

JACKSONVILLE, FL May 17, 2021 – Optiview, Inc. (“Optiview” or the “Company”)

Most of us know about railroads and their tracks; Where sections of track meet each other, complex switching gear is deployed to route train traffic in the correct direction.  That switching gear is critical infrastructure and must be protected from electrical surges and lightning strikes.  One of the nation’s 4 national railroad companies (we’ll call them “Railco”) turned to Optiview and ArmorLogix for assistance.

The Case Study

NEMA 3 and NEMA 4 Weatherproof Aluminum Enclosures for Marinas

Railco had a pre-existing relationship with Optiview on the camera surveillance side and noted the outdoor weatherproof NEMA-rated enclosure line by Armorlogix that Optiview carries.  Railco reached out to Optiview to find out if we could complete Step 1: Supply Railco with a steady supply of the AL272213N3 weatherproof enclosures. In order to do that, Optiview was required to submit the Armorlogix NEMA 3 weatherproof enclosure for a one-year case study, where it was placed next to the incumbent enclosure by Hoffman.

After the one year case study was completed, Hoffman’s powder steel enclosure suffered heavy corrosion damage and pitting, but Armorlogix’s 1/8” thick solid 5052 aluminum enclosure was as good as new.  Step 1 passed, and Optiview began to supply enclosures to Railco.

Steel Enclosure vs Aluminum Enclosure

Taking the Partnership to the Next Level

As a value-added reseller, Optiview is not content to simply fulfill purchase orders and supply goods – we go the extra mile for our customers so we asked a simple question; What are you using the enclosures for?

Upon learning that Railco was building the equivalent of an elaborate sacrificial surge protector that would take the electrical surge or lightening strike, thereby protecting the sensitive switching gear, Optiview let Railco know what many customers don’t know: Optiview has the expertise in-house to fabricate and assemble turn key solutions using surveillance, access control, switching gear, fiber, relays, and other third-party devices. Upon further discussion, both parties realized that building the solution in a shop setting, with proper tools and repeatable installations was preferable to ad-hoc installation in the field. Optiview offered to build out the enclosures with Railco’s kit.

Fast forward several years, Optiview now procures and stocks all the parts and pieces of the kit, installs and fabricates a custom turn-key solution that Railco deploys around the country with a simple pole mount.

Surge Protection for Railroad Switches

At Optiview, the answer is Yes!

Many customers come to us with a specific need and product they’re looking for that further expands into Optiview handling contract labor, fabrication, and R&D around the product. Regardless of your needs Optiview can help create a turn key solution that can be designed, fabricated, built, and shipped to your site ready to deploy. Give an Optiview Account Manager a call today at (904) 805-1581, or email to get your customized solution designed.

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