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Global Pharma turns to Optiview for Remote Management

JACKSONVILLE, FL, March 4, 2021 – Optiview, Inc. (“Optiview” or the “Company”)

One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, let’s refer to it as Alpha Pharm, had a conundrum: the COVID pandemic required urgent progress with ongoing experimentation but at the same time precluded staff from being on site.  Alpha Pharm had solved the problem of how to activate robots to shake petri dishes when they began to foam during the course of the experiment.  But how would they know when the foaming began?  After all, no one was physically present in the laboratories – and the agitation process needed to commence immediately upon the foaming trigger.  Alpha Pharm identified and contacted Optiview during the Summer of 2020 to discuss the issue.  Optiview immediately recognized that the foaming action was sufficient to trigger pixilation or pixel movement in its cameras.  Through Optiview’s VMX video management software, we were able to work through Alpha Pharm’s active directory interfaces to set up an alert system to authorized users immediately upon the foaming trigger whereby a push notification was sent to the user’s email.  This allowed the user to manually engage the robotic assistant to agitate the foaming petri dish.  Problem solved.

Optiview was immediately able to supply close to one hundred pan tilt zoom cameras both to one of Alpha Pharm’s US-based laboratories, followed some months later with a similar shipment to one of Alpha Pharm’s Europe-based locations.  Through the power of Optiview VMX+, these multiple sites were managed under one platform, remotely, by multiple users.  While we were never informed if this round of experiments related to Alpha Pharm’s later release of a successful COVID vaccine, we would like to think we might have had one small part to play in a herculean effort by pharmaceutical companies around the globe!

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