Optiview provides full surveillance solutions for installation of marina and boat security camera systems at their storage facilities. These full scale surveillance solutions include high quality, aluminum, weatherproof HD cameras, high definition recording at real-time (up to 4K recording), stand-alone recording solutions, above-ground and below-ground infrastructure support, specialty cameras such as panoramic and license plate recognition (LPR), analytics and free remote viewing platforms for desktop computers and mobile devices.

High Quality Surveillance Equipment for Boat Docks and Marinas


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Weatherproof HD Cameras

At Optiview we pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality surveillance cameras on the market. All security cameras are manufactured from high quality powder coated aluminum and are IP66 or IP67 weatherproof. Our HD-over-Coax and IP cameras also come standard with glass lenses (which prevents additional noise, scratches or distortion over the video from cheap plastic lenses) and high powered LEDs for long distance infrared (IR) to capture the highest level of detail for nighttime viewing.

Recording Video at up to 4K Resolution

Plug-and-play HD recorders from Optiview are available with 720P, 1080P, 4 Megapixel and 4K / 8 Megapixel recording. Our 5-Way HD DVRs can hold up to 8 surveillance hard drives for up to 64 terabytes of storage; the larger recorders will also connect to an external hard drive solution for even more storage capacity. Easily hold up to a year of video when using these specialty recording solutions.

Standalone Weatherproof Recording

In many cases there will be areas around the marina such as boat docks, near dumpsters, or entrance and exit points where an additional set of cameras would be ideal but it would be difficult and not cost efficient to run additional power and cable to. It is situations such as these high traffic areas in which a standalone weatherproof recording solution would be ideal. A 4, 8 or 16 channel DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) is installed inside a 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum ArmorLogix™ weatherproof enclosure and is paired with a power supply and specialty cameras such as license plate cameras, 360° cameras or IK10 vandalproof rated armor dome cameras.


Whether you have a legacy Analog or IP surveillance system in place already in place that you want to upgrade or want to install a new HD-over-Coax or IP surveillance system, Optiview has you covered. We carry professional grade RG59 coaxial cable for HD-over-Coax cameras, CAT5 and CAT6 cable for IP / network camera systems, and wireless access points (also known as “bridges”) for sending video from one remote location (such as at the end of a boat dock) to another which is then connected to the recorder. Optiview also carries HD fiber modems, specialty tools, test monitors and other infrastructure accessories.


While 90% of the surveillance system in a marina or boat storage location will be standard armored-ball dome (turret style) , armor domes or bullets, there are times where specialty cameras are needed for maximum security.

License Plate Cameras

Areas of entry and exit are ideal for License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras as they can be custom set to your environment for clear license plate recording. Mount on of our LPR cameras in conjunction with a standard camera so all information is captured in case of an event.

Panoramic & Fisheye Cameras

Optiview offers a selection of 180° and 360° cameras for both coax and IP based surveillance systems.

PTZ Cameras

Schedule “tours” with a PTZ, a.k.a Pan Tilt Zoom, camera to get a full picture of everything that is happening within your domain at specified points throughout the day (i.e. a full 360° every hour, or 180° every 15 minutes). If an incident occurs where a boat was vandalized or property was stolen, this feature allows a much quicker way for the general manager or owner to determine when something changed. PTZ cameras from Optiview are available in full 1080P HD-over-Coax or 4 Megapixel IP and offer up to 30x Optical Zoom.


Each embedded DVR and NVR from Optiview comes with easy to use software with features such as Smart Search, scheduling, P2P networking, motion detect and IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance). While IVS is available on all embedded recorders certain features, such as people counting, trip beams, facial recognition and license plate recognition, are only available on higher end machines. Your Optiview Account Manager will make sure you get the recorder you need based on the features you want.

Optiview also offers multiple advanced analytic options through a variety of platforms. Our native platform, the Optiview VMS (video monitoring system) allows users to remotely view the analytics inherent to the recorders (IVS) and is free to download from our website for desktop PC and Mac computers. More advanced analytics are available via either our new analytic server, the Optiview VMS Pro or Digifort. Depending on your needs, your Account Manager will provide multiple options to match.

Single or Multi Site Remote Viewing

View multiple systems at your computer or over your phone with the free Optiview VMS and mobile apps. The VMS can be downloaded directly from the Optiview website and is available for PC and Mac platforms. It is used by both monitoring companies and end users to remotely view single or multiple systems simultaneously. Because all of the Optiview DVRs and NVRs use the same platform, a viewer can link indoor, networked surveillance systems and outdoor weatherproof CCTV systems over a wireless connection. Our Optiview Mobile Lite app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes.

Design Support

Our experienced Account Managers will work with you to provide marina security design assistance, from start to finish. These designs can include coax or network infrastructure, edge recording to outdoor network IP cameras, fully enclosed weatherproof recording systems, solar powered systems, and more.