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What Is Active Deterrence?

In the CCTV world the term “active deterrence” can have many meanings and applications. Active deterrence security cameras can be used in a wide range of applications, from being visually obvious, to sending out notifications if ‘rules’ are broken for safety, to having visible or audible effects such as actively warning off intruders with lights or sirens when a parameter is met. Visible surveillance cameras naturally act as deterrents for people, and are a form of “passive deterrence”. The next level are cameras that light up with warm light or white light LEDs when a person is detected, and usually results in those people leaving for fear of being caught. Other cameras, such as cameras with flashing blue and red lights or audible sirens or voice messages are for warning and imply police or active monitoring for a higher level of deterrence.

Passive Deterrence

Standard security cameras are installed in visible locations so they will keep an obvious eye on your property, and will capture any crime or event that takes place while saving video to an on-board memory card or sending the video back to a head end DVR or NVR. Any people considering taking criminal activity who see a security camera may prevent some from taking actions that they would have otherwise. Additional visual deterrents also include installing signs warning that the area is under surveillance.

In addition to being a visual deterrent, many of our cameras support intelligent video features and will record tripwire, intrusion, or perimeter protection as events for viewing on playback at a later date. These on-board intelligent features can also be paired with Intelligent Detection which prevents false alarms by only triggering when people or vehicles are part of the event. You can either visit our HD-over-Coax camera or IP camera comparison pages for a full listing of compatible cameras, or contact an Optiview Account Manager to determine which passive deterrence surveillance camera meets your needs best.


Passive Deterrence - Illegal Dumping

Use tripwire or intrusion to get notifications when someone uses the dumpster after hours.

Passive Deterrence - Perimeter Protection

Visible camera during the day with a noticeable red infrared light at night.

Passive Deterrence - Intelligent Motion Detection

Use Intelligent Motion Detection (ID+) to create events based on people or vehicles.

Passive Deterrence - Illegal Parking

Identifying people and vehicles at business properties and on construction sites after hours.



HD over Coax and IP Surveillance Cameras
Built in Alarm Features
Remote Monitoring

Security cameras with true active deterrence capabilities are able to take additional steps to warn potential intruders as well as working to actively prevent criminal activity such as illegal dumping, or prevent accidents from occurring due to being in restricted areas.


Optiview carries several active deterrence cameras that include built-in LED lights or strobes. These come in the form of flashing red and blue lights, flashing LED lights, or LED lights that stay on for the duration of the event.

Active Deterrence Security Cameras - Visual Warning
Active Deterrence Cameras with Audio

Optiview’s IP5MPTZ-4XAD-NCV also includes a built in siren that can use a number of pre-recorded sounds and messages, or custom recorded audibles.


Intelligent motion detection is built into the camera and is essentially a ‘brain’ that helps the camera differentiate between people, vehicles, and other objects such as shadows, trees or leaves, animals, or other objects. This is done by analyzing the pixels that are changing and comparing that shape against the thousands of shapes already loaded into its database in order to classify it as human, vehicle, or other. People and vehicle classifications will register as being important, therefore requiring an event tag and an action.

Intelligent Motion Detection Active Deterrence Cameras


Active Deterrence - Factories and Warehouses

Identify “danger zones” and warn employees if they enter an unsafe area.

Active Deterrence - Traffic

Use perimeter protection to determine if traffic is going the wrong way to enable flashing lights & sirens.

Active Deterrence - Playgrounds and Parks

Pair tripwire and intrusion with schedules to have lights activate when motion is detected after hours.

Active Deterrence - Theft and Vandalism

Prevent copper theft or building vandalism with cameras that flash, strobe, or activate sirens when people are detected.

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